OPENINGS: Daily Goods (3.6.19)

OPENINGS: Daily Goods (3.6.19)

We’re always down to try the new healthy option downtown, so we are very excited to share that Daily Goods, a nutritionist-curated “grab and go” spot in FiDi, opens TODAY!

We spoke with JD Methfessel, Founder, and Molly Knauer, Director of Nutrition, to learn more about what you can expect. See you there! For those who live & work in the neighborhood, we will see you there later today!

Tell us about Daily Goods....
JD: Daily Goods is a "Nutritionist-curated Grab and Go" store. On a practical level, this means that every product in our store has been designed (proprietary products) or selected by (third-party products) our Director of Nutrition, Molly Knauer. All of our food is packed and ready to grab off of our shelves so that people are able to save time, and can rest assured that they are able to eat a healthy meal even when they are in a hurry. Our goal is to make eating healthy as convenient as possible. 

What inspired you to open Daily Goods below Canal Street?

JD: I've been a FiDi resident for 8 years and have watched the area transform in many ways over the years. I wanted to launch our business in a neighborhood that has a balance of high corporate and high residential density, and amidst a health-conscious demographic who would value our product offering. We found our location in the ground floor of 116 John Street which is a beautiful luxury residential high rise surrounded by many residential buildings, and just one or two blocks from the corporate buildings on Water Street. The Fulton Street Transit Center lets off on John Street so we have commuters who pass by our store which will cater to them perfectly. The fact that the location is just three blocks from where I live, and that I will be able to make a positive impact on the neighborhood that has given so much to me over the past 8 years was the icing on the cake. 

What makes Daily Goods so unique?

JD: Daily Goods is unique in a number of ways. When fine-tuning our operational model, I wanted to fill one major void that I saw in the retail food & beverage market. As a 29 year old male who is health-conscious and has an active/busy life during the week, I was struggling to find very easy and healthy options available to me. I was frustrated by having to wait in lines which would take up my entire lunch break. I also desired more from the product offering that was available to me. I wanted a brand I could connect with, and I wanted some other element to the product that I just wasn't seeing. I didn't want to sacrifice quality for convenience, which is what often happened. The more I worked through this frustration, the more I realized that a nutritionist should drive our entire product offering - everything from our proprietary recipes to our third-party products. I wanted people to walk into our store and be able to take anything off our shelves trusting that it passed a rigorous test to be able to be offered in our store. As I tried to figure out who this nutritionist should be, I realized I should speak to Molly Knauer. Molly and I attended college together and had fallen out of touch, but I knew that she had become a very successful nutritionist in New York City working with many private clients as a health coach, and also partnering with forward-thinking and innovative brands. When we sat down for our first meeting where I would pitch her the idea, it was serendipitous that she was looking to move into retail and loved the concept. It was then that we agreed to become partners, and Daily Goods was born. 

Molly: What makes DG so unique is our team is actually made up of the demographic we’re targeting - health conscious and busy people looking for food that’s exciting, fresh, tasty and that they can trust. We've put so much thought into our menu and into the design of the store hoping to really add value to our customers' lives. 

What can locals expect when they visit Daily Goods?

JD: A beautifully decorated and welcoming interior taking design notes from an upscale farmers market, premium and fresh products on our shelves, friendly and knowledgable staff, and good tunes. Daily Goods feels like an elevated corner store. 

What are your favorite things on the menu?
JD: Molly's Cauli Fried Rice, Asian Chicken Salad, Kale Caesar Salad. Our Caesar dressing is insanely good - I use it as dip for pretzels sometimes. 

Molly: I have to agree with the Asian Chicken Salad and Cauli Fried Rice but add our GF/Vegan Mac and “Cheese”. The roasted maple sweet potatoes are also amazing!

What's coming up for Daily Goods now that you are open?

We have a number of friends at like-minded businesses that we will be collaborating with whenever possible on fitness events in the FiDi, and we want to do product tastings in local buildings. Besides that, we will be working on our retail growth strategy.

Molly: I'll be hosting a free monthly speaker series at our store about nutrition. We also plan to engage in brand collaborations, and philanthropic and social outreach events. 

What are the hours for Daily Goods?

JD: The hours will be 7:00AM-3:30PM Monday through Friday to start. That said, we are very open to adjusting our hours if our customers want us to stay open longer. We'll also be spending a lot of time expanding our menu to offer more dinner options to complement staying open later, as well as seasonal items to rotate into the store. 

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