LOCAL PROFILES: PROOF Coffee Roasters (5.6.19)

LOCAL PROFILES: PROOF Coffee Roasters (5.6.19)

As self-proclaimed coffee junkies, we’re excited to share one of our most recent finds. PROOF Coffee Roasters, located on Nassau Street between Maiden Lane and John Street, is a secret gem (literally – it’s so small we’ve passed by it 100 times before finally venturing in) serving up coffee from certified organic beans hand selected and roasted in Brooklyn. Even better: PROOF donates 5% net profit across the board through their non-profit PROOF Positive Fund to charities and non-profit orgs doing important and impactful work.

We spoke with Jeff Sale, Founder & CEO, to learn more about our new go-to spot (and an exclusive discount for LBC readers)…                                                                      

Tell us about PROOF Coffee Roasters... 

PROOF Coffee Roasters is a NYC based, independent, family-owned roaster, wholesaler, retailer, and coffee company.  We source only sustainably farmed, 100% Certified Organic coffees and espresso, roast locally in Brooklyn, NY, and focus on providing a premium, artisanal product at an accessible price.  We are emphatic about customer service and providing the best possible experience to everyone who walks in through our door.

What makes PROOF Coffee Roasters so unique?

Aside from our coffee being some of the best in the business (we think, anyway!), PROOF Coffee Roasters donates 5% net profit across the board through our non-profit PROOF Positive Fund, to charities and non-profit orgs doing important and impactful work for the betterment of society and humanity. Current charities have a focus on mental health and social action, and include American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, ACLU, Feed the Children, and Amnesty International.

What inspired you to open in Financial District? 

My last position was as a technical entrepreneur in Financial District in charge of the company's strategic partnerships.  I fell in love with FiDi / LoMa, and wanted to open a coffee shop that really provided the best product and service to the neighborhood I love.  We also provide full-service catering setups and pop-ups (as well as your typical delivery or drop-off coffee catering), so we really wanted to focus on being able to provide espresso bars or coffee setups for events in FiDi for the myriad businesses and orgs in the area who haven't always had the best or most flexible, accessible, valuable coffee options in the neighborhood in the past. 

What can locals expect when they visit PROOF Coffee Roasters?

 Expect that if you've been in once before, we already know your order as you're walking down the street about to pop your head in.  We take pride in making a GENUINE CONNECTION with our customers.  To us, they aren't customers -- they're friends.  They're people with their own hardships, their own challenges, their own struggles, just like anyone else, and as corny as it may sound, if we can put a smile on someone's face through a simple interaction like ordering a coffee or a latte, it can really change the course of someone's day.  That's why we do what we do.  Folks can order at http://shop.proof.coffee and use code LIFEBELOWCANAL for 20% off their PROOF Coffee Roasters' Coffee Subscription Box for your featuring us in your publication and as a thank you to your readers for supporting your publication through their readership.

What's your favorite thing on the menu?

People are sleeping on the Macadamia Milk Latte!  It's by far my favorite menu item.  Virtually no cafes in NYC carry macadamia milk, so not many people know about it, but it's much denser than other non-dairy milks, making it sub-par as an add-on to drip coffee; however, when steamed and used in a drink like a latte, it has the PERFECT body, and upon being heated, it unleashes a slightly sweet, almost marshmellow-y flavor.  Just unreal.

What's coming up for PROOF Coffee Roasters this summer?

We are officially rolling out our PROOF Coffee Roasters Coffee Subscription Box and focusing on that full-bore this summer season.  We have spend a considerable amount of time, energy, and money on creating the technological and logistical infrastructure to be able to provide a coffee subscription box that in our opinion surpasses anything else on the market currently.  Not only is the coffee our premium PROOF coffee, but our subscribers have FULL control over every single aspect of the subscription on the fly anytime, including changing delivery frequency, coffee types or varietals, amount of coffee in each box, pausing or skipping deliveries with the push of a button, or even sending pre-set length subscriptions as gifts to friends, colleagues, loved ones, etc. 

What are your go-to spots downtown?

I'm a big fan of any place that has good PEOPLE.  Good product is great, but good PEOPLE is most important to me.  The Malt House is a great spot just around the corner from us, and the owner and staff are fantastic folks.  The Crunch Gym in FiDi has some of the best staff in the city (Daphne, the manager of their boutique SweatShed studio).  My Verizon store of choice is just up the way on Broadway (Sunny at The Paging Zone).  I love the community downtown, and I do my best to find other people who go the extra mile for me like I try to do for others as well.

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