CULTURE: Tribeca's Top Summer Art Gallery Exhibitions (Guest Post) (8.14.17)

CULTURE: Tribeca's Top Summer Art Gallery Exhibitions (Guest Post) (8.14.17)

At LBC, we want to share with you the must-see events and things to do. So, when we recognize we’re not experts on a specific topic, we turn to them.

In this case, Jennifer Famery-Mariani, Independent Curator & CEO of Kangaroo Projects, is our guest author sharing her rundown on Tribeca’s top art galleries. Check it out:

Yes, most of the art world has officially migrated to their summer spots after the frantic art fair season, and for that reason, summer is often considered the slow period in the art world. With that in mind, summer shows are often seen as “transitional shows,” filling in before the opening of the “back to school” exhibition in September.

Well, guess what? Summer exhibitions are in fact an ideal setting for a rich and fun exploration of Art.  For one, many feature group shows. This means there is a lot more diversity in the Art you encounter during the summer, and this offers a great environment to discover a wide range of art and artists.

What’s even better is that galleries typically use these summer shows as a platform to display their whole roster of artists. These exhibitions are a great time to better understand what each of these art spaces are about.

You will also notice that the art shown during the summer tends to be more experimental as gallerists feel less pressure from what is expected and take more risks.  The result? Exhibitions are more playful. Traffic being lower than usual, gallerists are also more laid back and likely to be available to engage with visitors about the art on view, making it a more intimate setting.

Summer shows are most of all the opportunity to see new blood. Indeed, on top of the numerous Master of Fine Art (MFA) student shows taking place all across the city, galleries frequently include artists they have either not shown before in their space or give a chance to a young emerging artist to show for the first time.

Interested in checking out a summer show? Below are 4 inspiring summer groups shows currently on view in Tribeca:

Summer Group Exhibition at Cheryl Hazan Gallery (35 N. Moore)

Expect to feel a wave of energy and dynamism hit you when you discover the colorful, bright and dynamic art forms in the works of these five international artists– Tom Brydelsky, Madeline Denaro, Deb Lawrence, Thomas Sayre, Kazumi Yoshida.

Through Aug. 15th

Transboundary at hpgrp. Gallery (434 Greenwich St.)

Looking to discover Japanese artists? Combining photography, conceptual art and sculptural installation, this group exhibition features works by three artists, Tetsugo Hyakutake, Tomoyuki Ueno and Yuken Teruya, who focus on themes such as identity, history, politics and cultural diversity.

Through Aug. 8th

Summer Show at Hal Bromm Gallery (90 W. Broadway)

It’s all about layers, shapes and patterns this summer at Tribeca’s oldest gallery. Hal Bromm’s whimsical summer exhibition gives you the opportunity to explore works by 10 different artists including 4 females artists - Jeanette Fintz, Laura Gurton, Danielle Tegeder and Monika Bravo), Tribeca based artist John Willenbecher and the Columbian artist Alejandro Ospina. Get ready for color therapy.

Through Sept. 15.

Summer Exhibition at R & Company (82 Franklin St.)

If you are curious to learn more about significant historical and contemporary designs, this is the Must-See show. Featuring pieces by Brazilian mid-century designers from Sergio Rodrigues to Joaquim Tenreiro, highly playful work from The Haas Brothers, Porky Hefer, and Renate Müller, alongside sculpturally inventive work of Thaddeus Wolfe and Rogan Gregory, this summer exhibition will hit the spot. Be ready to be surprised when visiting R & Company as the gallery will be completely re-imagined with exquisite glass objects, illuminated hanging sculptures and mirrored wall installations. The outstanding new work by Jeff Zimmerman is the cherry on top!

Through Aug. 17.



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