OPENINGS & CLOSINGS: King David Tacos (11.1.17)

OPENINGS & CLOSINGS: King David Tacos (11.1.17)

We know the food game below Canal Street is strong, but that doesn't mean there's room for growth. Case in point: breakfast tacos. Many claim to offer them, but very few (anywhere in NYC) can deliver on that perfect, Texas-style breakfast taco. Wish for them no more, friends. Thanks to King David Tacos, who will be setting up shop (in the form of a cart) this November at Mannahatta Park (just east of the intersection of Wall & Water) Monday through Friday from 6AM till 10AM. With a target opening date TBD, stay tuned to our Facebook & Instagram pages where we will announce it as soon as it's public!

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We spoke with Liz Solomon Dwyer, Founder & CEO, to get the low down on King David Tacos and how she's about to rock FiDi's tastebuds.

Tell us about King David Tacos...
King David Tacos (KDT) is a woman-owned and Brooklyn-founded business, established in June 2016. We aim to bring one of the best exports from Austin, TX to the daily lives of New Yorkers—breakfast tacos. We are focused on making breakfast tacos that are simple and delicious, and we tailor everything we do to the fast-paced lifestyle of discerning New Yorkers. We've been catering to offices all over NYC for over a year, but just opened NYC's first breakfast taco cart at Grand Army Plaza in Prospect Park in September. We will be opening Cart #2 on Wall Street in the next month.

King David is a reference to my dad, David, who was called that in jest by friends and colleagues alike--he was a big, burly guy who really could command a room. He loved New York (especially New York food), and he was really passionate about the idea that NYC needed a breakfast taco cart. King David Tacos is an homage to him.

You were born and bred in Texas, but how has New York impacted you?
New York impacted me from the moment I first visited back in 1998. It was a middle school trip and I fell in love with Times Square, which is obviously horrid to me now. Since then, I always told my parents I would move here. I don't think they believed ittil I actually made the move in 2006. 

I love Texas (specifically Austin), and I think I'll always think of it as home, but at the same time, NYC has given me so much--it's almost addictive. One of the things we really try to be clear about is yes, this is a regional food from Texas, but we're not trying to shove Texas down your throat--we love NYC, and we're here because we think this is the best city in the world. We didn't just make this food because we miss Texas. We think that the breakfast taco, as an on-the-go item, makes a lot of sense for New Yorkers. The business is authentically New York; the food is authentically Texan.

What inspired you to open up shop in Financial District?
When I worked in the Financial District, it was like lunch heaven. Any bowl, salad, combo, whatever, that you wanted for lunch--you could get. But I realized breakfast was seriously lacking. If I didn't bring my own breakfast, I would have to go 10-15 minutes out of my way to get a yogurt and fruit or a wrap from the bodega. And trust me, I love bodegas--they are the lifeblood of this city--but even their options are limited. 

I scouted this location when I was down there, dreaming about starting a breakfast taco company (ha). Luckily, the Downtown Alliance was looking for new concessions for the park, and accepted our proposal.

What will your hours be?
We will be in Mannahatta Park, just east of the intersection of Wall & Water, Monday through Friday from 6a-10a.

What can locals expect when they check you out?
They can expect a fast, hot, grab'n'go breakfast that is just as satisfying after a workout as it is as a hangover cure. You don't ever have to feel guilty about eating our breakfast tacos--they are a simple, whole, food. Plus, you won't be starving at 10am, nor will you need a nap. 

We're serving our 3 signature tacos to start: the BPEC (bacon, potato, egg, cheese), the Queen Bean (refried beans (v), potato, egg, cheese), and the Or'izo (chorizo, potato, egg, cheese...wrapped in gold). We will also carry a few modifications, such as tacos without cheese, or without egg, Vegan, GF breakfast bowl-versions...for all kinds of dietary preferences.

Anything unique to the FiDi location?
Well, we're up and at 'em early--tailoring our 6am opening to the early schedules of most people in the financial industry. We'll also start to feature specials as we get to know our customers. 

What are your favorite things in the neighborhood?
Lunch! Jk. But really...the Fraunces Tavern is a really cool historic spot down there. With a great bar as well. It's where Washington said goodbye to his officers at the end of the revolution! I mean, there's just so much history in Lower Manhattan that was really formative to the country. 

I also love the ferry--riding up and down the East River is a nice way to laze away a sunny day and feel like you're on a small vaca. The water in general is awesome. Drinks on the water...irreplaceable. This is going to sound crazy, but in TX, we are so focused on ourselves, that when I moved to NYC I didn't even realize what kind of water and beach culture it had. I think as someone raised inland, the water views in NYC are one of my #1 favorite things about the city as a whole. So, now we get a piece of it every day.

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