EVENTS: Canstruction - November 2nd through November 15th (10.31.18)

EVENTS: Canstruction - November 2nd through November 15th (10.31.18)

Our favorite non-Thanksgiving November event is back at Brookfield Place! The of the one-of-a-kind design competition, Canstruction, returns starting Friday, November 2nd through Thursday, November 15th. At Canstruction, New York’s top architects, engineers and contractors will come together to create thirty-one sculptures constructed entirely out of unopened cans of food. The structures will be on display for nearly two weeks, and will then be disassembled and the cans donated to City Harvest, resulting in the largest annual donation of canned food the organization receives from a single event. 

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We spoke with Elysa Marden, Vice President of Arts Brookfield, to learn more and about how you can get involved….
Tell us about Canstruction...

Brookfield Place (BFPL) New York is excited for the return of Canstruction, the one-of-a-kind design competition where top architects, engineers, and students come together to construct sculptures out of unopened, non-perishable cans of food. On Friday, November 2nd through Thursday, November 15th, thirty sculptures will be on display for the public to enjoy throughout Brookfield Place. The Jury for the competition is composed of celebrity judges who will select and award the best in the following categories: Best Original Design, Structural Integrity, Best Meal, Best Use of Labels, and Honorable Mention. The People’s Choice Award is voted on by the public.

At the end of the exhibit, the cans are donated to City Harvest, New York City’s largest food rescue organization, along with additional non-perishable foods that visitors are encouraged to donate throughout the exhibit. Since the program’s inception, over 1 million cans of food have been donated to City Harvest.

What makes Canstruction so unique?

BFPL enjoys being part of this amazing initiative and having the opportunity to help the underserved communities of New York just in time for the busy holiday season.  

How has Canstruction evolved over the years?

Over the years, Canstruction has grown into one of the largest and more popular design competitions in New York City. This year, the competition brings together 30 different firms from all over NYC and to this day, has donated over 1 million cans to City Harvest.

What's new to Canstruction for this year?

This year, Canstruction is hosting 30 sculptures – the largest number in nearly 10 years. Additionally, like every year, the sculptures will be completely original and unique.

What can locals expect when they check out Canstruction?

Locals can expect truly extraordinary sculptures that showcase creativity and ingenuity. One also feels a great sense of community knowing that New Yorkers are helping their fellow underserved New Yorkers through this free exhibit and can donation.

How can locals show support for the incredible cause you support?

Visitors are encouraged to bring non-perishable cans of food to the information table located at the 2nd level of 230 Vesey Street.

What's your favorite part of Canstruction?

Build night is the most exciting part of Canstruction - there is a special energy that fills Brookfield Place. It is inspiring and impressive to watch the structures come alive as each team assembles them can by can.

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