OPENINGS: The Dapper Donut (10.3.18)

OPENINGS: The Dapper Donut (10.3.18)

If you’ve walked on Broadway past Fulton Center the last few weeks, you couldn’t help but notice the enticing fresh donuts being made in the windows. That’s The Dapper Donut, serving freshly made donuts made-to-order! We spoke with The Dapper Donuts team to learn more about how to order the perfect donut…

Tell us about The Dapper Donut…

The Dapper Doughnut is a franchise based in Las Vegas, NV. We were established in 2015 and we have over 30 locations across the US. Our Fulton Center location is our second corporate unit and we are excited to be there! We serve hot mini doughnuts made to order and topped with delicious hand crafted toppings right in front of you!


What makes The Dapper Donut so unique?

What makes us unique is we can fry our mini doughnuts right in front of our customer. They are always getting a hot doughnut right off the belt and into their mouth. This puts us above the competition because most doughnuts are made in the morning or a few times a day and are rarely hot. We also serve some ours with fresh fruit toppings like our Blueberry Lemon or Bananas Foster. 

What inspired you to open in the Financial District?

We LOVE the Financial District and thought Fidi would be the perfect place to open. We love that it's close to businesses, residents and tourism with the 9/11 memorial. We cannot wait to share our product with everyone who visits lower Manhattan!

What should locals know about The Dapper Donut?

The locals should know that we are always offering amazing deals like $1.00 coffee days and free doughnut days. To learn about these special days please sign up for our newsletter here.

What’s coming up for you this holiday season?

This holiday season we will have loaded hot chocolate and a special peppermint frosted doughnut. 

What’s your favorite thing on the menu?

Our favorite things beside the doughnuts would be our signature doughnut milkshakes which we originated 6 years ago! It's a blend of ice cream, doughnuts and any signature topping. It's topped with whip cream and a doughnut straw. We also love the LaVazza coffee line that we serve which will be expanding next month. 

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