OPENINGS: Blue Park Kitchen (10.22.18)

OPENINGS: Blue Park Kitchen (10.22.18)


The Financial District has been this year's hottest neighborhood when it comes to restaurant openings, and it is showing no signs of slowing down. The latest addition: Blue Park Kitchen, open now at 70 Pine Street.

We spoke with President & Founder Kelly Fitzpatrick to learn more…

Tell us about Blue Park Kitchen... 

We created Blue Park Kitchen as a space where guests can unwind and trust they will get honest, delicious, and comforting food every time. We aim to support local farmers and distributors in the New York City area who are working hard to change the way people eat and think about food.

What makes Blue Park Kitchen so unique?

The menu is made up of composed dishes with the goal of eliminating the stress of choosing between what can seem like hundreds of seemingly similar items at other restaurants around the city. You can trust that you will be taken care of and any dish you choose will be awesome every time.  

What should locals know about Blue Park Kitchen?

We want people to stay and hang around a little longer than they usually would. We want to get to you know you. We have designed the space to be more personal and warm than the typical quick casual restaurant which we hope will encourage guests to stay for dinner or linger for a bit. Get to you know your neighbor, have a glass of wine, and stay awhile. 

What inspired you to open Blue Park Kitchen in Financial District?

We felt that the familial and friendly vibe we offer will be a welcome addition to the neighborhood.  

What are your favorite dishes we should look out for?

The Coconut Bulgar + Steak and Soft Boiled Egg + Black Rice.

What are your other favorite local spots below Canal Street?

 I love a dirty vodka martini on the rocks at Harry's and the Steak Tartare at Locanda Verde is last meal worthy. 

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