LOCAL PROFILES: Vanessa Upegui (Casa Finca) (8.16.17)

LOCAL PROFILES: Vanessa Upegui (Casa Finca) (8.16.17)


One of the best parts of living below Canal Street is that, just when you think you know everything there is to know about the neighborhood, you stumble into (literally) something new. That was the case for Casa Finca. We had been exploring the Seaport checking out the new Seaport Garden Bar when WantedDesign caught our eye. All about interior design and constantly looking for ways to update and upgrade our homes, we decided to check it out. That was when we found (and fell for) Casa Finca, tucked away in the back of the shop. Since we’ve discovered Casa Finca, we find ourselves going out of our way to end up snuggled up to their juice bar. Focused on the goal of facilitating food as medicine in the form of juices, smoothies, elixirs and healthy snacks, Casa Finca has become our new go-to place for finding our sense of calm. Their in-store events are also a great way to find your center amidst the chaos.

We spoke with Vanessa Upegui, Founder of Casa Finca, to learn more about her shop...


Tell us a bit about Casa Finca...

Casa Finca means farmhouse in Spanish. A typical Colombian estate, the term Casa Finca refers to farms which are found in cities, with land enough to harvest fruits, vegetables and raise animals. The menu was carefully created to bring healing properties for different needs with Amazonian superfoods, Aryuvedic influences and medicinal herbs with an organic pantry or ethically sourced ingredients.  In creating awareness for our community through food and nutrition, we practice sustainable values in everything we do. From acquiring most of our ingredients at the local farmers market, working with ethical businesses that work directly with the farmers to providing to-go ware that is 100% compostable. We educate people in the importance of plastic reduction, and encourage composting.


What inspired you to open Casa Finca at The Seaport?

It was my dream to open up a healthy bar where people can feel open to being part of the wellness community. Seaport seemed like the perfect fit. The opportunity came after presenting my idea to WantedDesign. Plus, sharing the space with WantedDesign fits perfect in how we want to create an environment of a well thought out lifestyle; in and out!

How has the neighborhood impacted the business?

The Seaport is still growing and people are getting used to the idea of the new Seaport. I think people are open to new business that are true to their philosophy and that like to work with the community. It is important to be part of a movement where people feel welcome and part of something that will keep them on track for the busy lifestyle of New York City.

You've got some incredible events...what do you have coming up?

We offer free yoga and meditation every week:

-Tuesday 6:30PM Meditation

-Wednesday  6:30PM Hatha Yoga

-Saturday 10 AM YOGA Stretch and Restore + 12:30pm  Hatha Vinyasa Flow

-Monday New Moon Ceremony with Sound Bath Meditation

Stay tuned for more events coming this fall!

What is the best thing about owning a business in Financial District?

The location for sure and the local people are super friendly. It’s wonderful.




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