LOCAL PROFILES: Nadine McCarthy Kahane (Stone & Strand) (7.31.17)

LOCAL PROFILES: Nadine McCarthy Kahane (Stone & Strand) (7.31.17)

One of the best parts of living below Canal Street is uncovering artists, shops and concepts we didn’t know inhabited the neighborhood. Imagine how excited we were when we discovered that one of our favorite online jewelry boutiques (and women-led business), Stone & Strand, had an office and showroom alongside the cobblestone streets of Tribeca. Editorially-driven and known for offering a phenomenally curated portfolio of both emerging designers and their own unique in-house offering, Stone & Strand is perfect for the fashion-forward woman looking for quality jewelry.

Stone & Strand's gorgeous Tribeca showroom + office

Stone & Strand's gorgeous Tribeca showroom + office


We met with Stone & Strand’s CEO Nadine McCarthy Kahane, at their Tribeca office slash showroom, to talk about what it’s like to live and own a business below Canal Street…

Tell us a bit about Stone & Strand!


We’re primarily an online store, and offer an accessibly priced in-house jewelry collection alongside a tightly curated group of fashion forward brands. Our clients are women who buy jewelry for themselves, have multiple piercings, and enjoy quality pieces they can have fun with.

How did you end up in Tribeca?

We initially started in a WeWork space in Soho, which was where I lived. I’ve always found it convenient to live downtown (and within walking distance of the office!), so, when it was time to find a permanent space, we started looking around downtown without any specific destination in mind.

However, when we found this specific building where we currently are in Tribeca, we fell in love. It fit our needs perfectly. We didn’t want a retail store; we wanted a space that felt intimate and where people could be comfortable shopping versus a typical office space. We quickly moved in, and have been in Tribeca for 1.5 years, and offer visits by appointment only.

How has moving the business to Tribeca impacted you?

Well, my family and I moved to Tribeca as a result. It’s been great from a family perspective. We love Pier 25 and spending time in Rockefeller Park. The restaurant offerings are incredible, and it’s wonderful to be able to walk everywhere we want to go on the weekends. There are so many great places you can go to and access, even with a stroller.

How is Stone & Strand planning on growing in the coming year?

We’re looking to grow our physical presence, doing pop-in shops in different stores around the city, while growing the online presence.

What are your favorite spots below Canal Street?

I love Grand Banks, City Vineyard, Macao Trading Co., and Two Hands. Brookfield Place is a great area; it’s so peaceful and quiet, which is a nice break in the city. Really just walking down Greenwich Street is a lot of fun, exploring places like The Greek and other local spots. There’s always something new to try and it’s a very friendly neighborhood.


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