LOCAL PROFILES: Maria Ho-Burge - PrimpNYC (8.28)

LOCAL PROFILES: Maria Ho-Burge - PrimpNYC (8.28)

Bringing a bit of glam to the Financial District, I remember when Maria Ho-Burge told me about her idea for PrimpNYC, a curated experience offering everything from hair to makeup, with a special focus on making women of all ages (including girls) feel special and welcomed. It’s so incredible seeing the shop thrive, and hear from the Owner/Creative Director herself about PrimpNYC, including why you should be heading there before your next night out…

Tell us about PrimpNYC...

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PrimpNYC is a curated beauty and wellness experience. Our core business is blowouts and makeup. We also feature amazing partnerships with Browtiste for brow grooming, Honeylashes for eyelash extensions as well as Chereen and Susi, two amazing hair stylists who specialize in cuts and color.

What inspired you to open PrimpNYC? 

I’m a beauty junkie! I love getting my hair done, eyelashes did and pampering myself and noticed the transformative effects of a simple beauty procedure. Not only do you go from looking one way to another, but you usually feel a lot better emotionally and mentally after a say, a blowout.

What makes PrimpNYC so unique?

What makes Primp unique is our approach. We’re sort of a non-salon, salon.  I wanted to create an atmosphere that is relaxed and loungey. We’re never going to rush you in and out like some blowout places. 

What can locals expect when they come to PrimpNYC?  

Locals can expect a welcome drink, whether it’s water, tea or wine, an inviting atmosphere, and friendly service 

What is coming up for PrimpNYC this fall?

In addition to blowouts, brows, makeup, cut, color and eyelash extensions, we are adding nail art, massage and possibly spray tans and microblading. We are also extending our hair services to include – so exciting – hair extensions! We try to listen to what our clients want/ need.

What are your hours?

Starting in the fall, we will be open from 8am – 6pm most days, with some days later.

What are the must-try services?

If you haven’t tried eyelash extensions or even if you have, you should try Honeylashes.  They are feather light and can transform even the sparsest lashes into something super glamorous!  All of our services are vetted and high quality. We pride ourselves on doing everything just a little bit better than our competition. So whether it’s a blowout, brows or cut and color, I’m proud to say we do it really well.

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