OPENINGS & CLOSINGS: Thunder Bun (8.16.17)

OPENINGS & CLOSINGS: Thunder Bun (8.16.17)

We always get excited when new places open up in the neighborhood. If you’ve been to almost any restaurant recently, you know that we’ve got great options for easy, family-friendly dining in every neighborhood below Canal. That doesn’t mean we don’t crave something new; in fact, few things get us as excited as discovering a new local spot to try.

Now open at 1 NY Plaza, Thunder Bun, from the Schnippers crew, is a different approach to America’s favorite foods: burgers and crispy chicken sandwiches. Instead of (only) partnering them with (crispy waffle) fries, they’re all about offering an array of seasonal and modern sides like Mexican corn, roasted sweet potatoes, spicy charred broccoli, and plenty of others to choose from.

They start with all-natural meats and antibiotic-free cage-free chicken and create tantalizing burgers and sandwiches with just the right mix of familiar flavors and innovative toppings. Their burgers are grilled to order, and fried chicken tenders hand-battered every time, pairing perfectly with their seasonal sides assortment.

We spoke with the Thunder Bun crew to learn why they opted to open in FiDi and more about the concept….

What inspired you to open in Financial District?


As NYC locals who have been feeding the city for over 25 years, the Schnipper Brothers want to bring the best quality comfort food to every neighborhood. FiDi and Downtown deserve fresh, delicious options just as much as any other neighborhood, and Thunder Bun is here to provide it!

What excites you about the area?


The Financial District has an energy all its own, and the electric rhythm of the people is tangible. We're excited to bring all the favorite burgers, crispy chicken sandwiches, and fresh market sides to the neighborhood and provide a little bit of of a mealtime escape to an otherwise busy neighborhood.

What should locals know about Thunder Bun?


Thunder Bun is simple to enjoy, so that guests can get what they really want. Everything is priced the same, no need to decide whether to splurge or not. The more sides paired with a burger or sandwich, the greater the value. Finding your next favorite side should never come at a cost, and they’ve made it as easy as possible.


1 NY Plaza Concourse Level

Water Street between Broad & Whitehall (next to the Staten Island Ferry Terminal)

Monday through Friday 10:30AM to 7:00PM


If you check it out, let us know your thoughts!


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