LOCAL PROFILES: John Allan's Downtown (12.24.18)

LOCAL PROFILES: John Allan's Downtown (12.24.18)


When local male residents seek out a haven for grooming and relaxing, the go-to downtown is John Allan’s. Their Downtown location, open since 1988, is their most popular location, offering a constant round up of events and opportunities to learn/see/try something new, and meet your neighbors. We spoke with Marianna Baldi, President of John Allan’s Downtown, to learn more…

Tell us about John Allan's Downtown...

JA Downtown is the flagship location, offering men a grooming experience in a place to call their own.  Yearly memberships, multiple service packages and a la carte services are available for men's grooming needs.  We have been teaching men to commit since 1988 in the financial district.

What makes John Allan's Downtown unique? 

Beyond grooming services, we have created a network of upcoming artists - rotating our artist every three months for the past 30 years -  with artist works for purchase.  We also introduce new and upcoming men’s  clothing designers as well as liquor and food brands to our members.

What can locals expect when they visit John Allan's Downtown? 

A relaxed and comfortable  atmosphere where "everybody knows your name” with consistent, excellent customer service. We are conveniently open seven days a week, and offer a billiard room with coffee bar, beer on tap and specialty drinks.

 What are the go-to services at John Allan's Downtown?

The Full Service which consists of:

-Scalp massaging shampoo

-Massaging hot-towel treatment




-A beverage

We also offer straight razor shaves, facials, pedicures, color services, relaxers & waxing - assuring you look good from head to toe.

Anything unique to your location?

Our staff!  This location maintains the original downtown Wall Street club vibe. We also host live local musicians to keep our clients entertained.

How has John Allan's Downtown evolved as the neighborhood has changed? 

We are open seven days a week and offer extended nighttime hours during the week.    

We like to be on top of the pulse of downtown and keep our members up to date on the ever changing neighborhood.

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