EVENTS: Tribeca Arts + Culture Night - March 7th (3.4.19)

EVENTS: Tribeca Arts + Culture Night - March 7th (3.4.19)

2019’s first Tribeca Arts & Culture Night is March 7th, featuring more galleries, artists & events than ever! We spoke to Jennifer Famery-Mariani, Founder/director of Tribeca Art+Culture Night, about this incredible free local event, including how you can get involved, the newest offerings this year, and how the local art scene is driving the future of the neighborhood….

Tell us about Tribeca Art + Culture Night....

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Tribeca Art+Culture Night is a downtown festival that celebrates the arts at large in Tribeca and takes place in 30 multiple and diverse spaces. It is free and open to the public. The event presents a program of events like a FESTIVAL, showcases venues/organizations like an OPEN ART FAIR, unlocks spaces to the public like an OPEN HOUSE, and offers curated guided–tours showcasing exhibitions like an ART WALK.

It is also an ART MARATHON. Attendees can choose their own adventure mixing exhibitions with workshops, talks, demonstrations and performances. In just 3 hours, from 6-9 PM, visitors join together to attend a curator-led tour, learn a new skill in a creative workshop, watch a live dance performance, and discover the unexpected in a contemporary gallery they may have never found otherwise. TAC Night is an adventurous playground showcasing artists, performers, curators, scientists, chefs, wellness experts, musician, designers, authors, thought leaders and makers.

Each festival runs quarterly and its content changes for every edition. The festival’s upcoming dates in 2019-20 are: June 20 and September 25. Since I founded TAC Night in 2016, the festival has featured over 1000 artists, 180 exhibitions, 90 art venues and 80 special events. Since then, it’s progressively grown and today the festival serves an average of 10,000 people of year with over 2500 attending each of the four editions!

What makes Tribeca Art + Culture Night so unique?

Tribeca Art + Culture Night offers high-quality content while being completely open to the public and free.  We hope to democratize access to art by facilitating access to cultural content. With TAC Night our goal is to develop arts and culture as a core component of the Tribeca neighborhood - we believe the arts are a key lever to create connections, strengthen communities and their sustainability.  TAC Night also promotes direct engagement and creates an environment where participants can interact directly with the Gallerists, Non-profits Directors, Curators and/or Artist, who are present all evening to introduce their work/space to attendees.  Finally, I would say the Festival’s core is about diversity and exploration are the key words for our festival starting with the incredible variety of types of venues featured, through the different event formats available for the public to engage with art, to the range of content available during the festival.  Our program is intentionally built to appeal to all ages and background and aims to get an incredibly diverse group of people together and connect through this event.

Our mission is to support downtown living artists & creatives and a large diverse art organizations, connects them with the public in intimate, experimental, and generative ways. It connects creativity beyond pre-established cultural categories. We aim to stimulate ideas, imagination, and innovation in the downtown communities.

What can we expect at the upcoming Tribeca Art + Culture Night installation?

On March 7, Tribeca Art+Culture Night will feature over 30 diverse Lower Manhattan spaces – 15 fine art galleries, 3 design spaces, 9 art-non profits & university galleries, 2 artist residencies and 18 artists studios, and 7 pop up & non-traditional spaces – and a concerted program showcasing over 300 artists & creatives and 10 exclusive events. With its program of exhibitions, performances, curator-led tours & walkthroughs, talks and workshops, this Spring edition of Tribeca Art+Culture Night will spotlight contemporary art, design, fashion, dance, virtual reality, music and crafts, and feature popular and less well-known locations in Tribeca (including spaces typically closed to the public). At each venue, attendees can interact directly with Non-profits Directors, Curators and/or Artists, who are present all evening to introduce their work/space to Tribeca Art Nighters. 

30+ participating venues to this Spring edition are: 205 Hudson Gallery, Hunter College Art Galleries / A+E Studios / Alexander and Bonin / Art Projects International / apexart / Barney Savage Gallery / Bortolami Gallery / AIM- Bronx Museum of the Arts / Cheryl Hazan Gallery / Church Street School for Music and Art / Double Knot / Drawing Center / Hal Bromm Gallery / Hionas Gallery / New York Academy of Art / NYA Gallery / Leslie Lohman Museum /312 Canal/ 310 Canal / 301 Canal / 322B Canal / 327 Canal / 318 Canal / Postmasters Gallery / R & Company / Sapar Contemporary / Soho Photo Gallery / Steven Amedee Gallery / Thomas Haynes Gallery / Tribeca Community on Display / Twenty First Gallery / Whitespace / White Street Studios

RSVP & Tickets can be booked here.

What are your must-sees this time?

During the evening, you’ll discover 150 works on paper by Andy Warhol from the period 1950-80’s, most of which have never been shown in the United States (NYAA), learn the Art of Hat Making (BM. Franklin), get hypnotized by the color, line and form of Lesley Vance’s cursive abstract paintings (Bortolami), discover artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz’s 100 colourful stuffed birds crystal chandelier (R&Company), discover the Bronx Museum’s 2019 artists in residence in their newly opened space (AIM – BlockGallery), meet artist Bahar Behbahani and learn about his creative process (Art Projects International), be transported by the works of 12 different artists during White Street / Franklin Place Open Studios (50 White St./NYA), get a one of kind Japanese poem from the Haiku Guys & Gals, enjoy a Drawing Workshop with Luisa Cantara (Church St. School), explore the space in between gender, identity and the post-human experience with PUSSYKREW’s multimedia installations, VR experience & 3D Printed sculptures (Postmasters), dive in the cosmos with a live painting performance by Muffinhead (Festival Hub), enter a meditative state with Shinji Turner-Yamamo’s golden sculptural installations (Sapar Contemporary), explore the world of beats with a DJ Workshop (Festival Hub), enjoy a guided tour led by independent curator Juliana Steiner, Art Frankly Founder Karline Moeller and Mana Contemporary’s Curatorial Director Ysabel Pinyol (itinerant locations), take a Swing Dance Class with professional ballroom dancers, re-imagine the future with REFRESH collective’s exhibition featuring art responding to our technological and political moment (205 Hudson Gallery- Hunter College), and so much more!

On the occasion of its 10th edition, TAC Night will also host a dazzling closing Art Party on Franklin St, transforming lobbies, walls and lounges into a playground of experiential performances and installations. The festival’s closing reception attended by philanthropists, artists, curators, entrepreneurs, gallerists, designers, collectors, explorers, writers, and thought leaders will embark all participants on a creative safari.

What’s new to the event this time?

A lot is new!! We have over 40 new exhibitions, over 300 new artists, 10 new events, 4 brand new participating venues and 2 new curators leading guided tours!

How can people get involved?

We are always looking for people to get involved! Anyone interested in participating to TAC Night or volunteer can email us at

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