OPENINGS/CLOSINGS - The Craft Studio (2.28.18)

OPENINGS/CLOSINGS - The Craft Studio (2.28.18)

We're never at a loss for family-friendly activity ideas below Canal Street. However, sometimes when a rainy weekend hits, it's nice to try something new. That's where The Craft Studio comes in. Tribeca's newest import (straight from the Upper East Side!), The Craft Studio is an arts-and-crafts palace offers kids classes in painting, sculpting, design and other crafting skills, making it perfect for birthday parties and spontaneous fun.

With their opening THIS Saturday!, we spoke with Lindsey Peers, Owner and President, to learn more. Check it out (and an invite to their opening party below!)....


Tell us about The Craft Studio…  

The Craft Studio is something I am SO proud of, I consider it a true NYC gem. It was founded in 1994 by Barbara Dansker as a creative space for kids parties and walk in crafting.  I began working at the studio as an 18 year old college freshman and fell in love with the magic, charm, and creativity of the business.  Before graduation in 2005 I approached Barbara and asked if I could spearhead a workshop and classes program.  She asked if I wanted to instead buy the business. With a mound of student loans and no money it seemed impossible but Barbara let me slowly work and pay off the business. So hard to believe all that has happed with the brand since then. We now have classes and workshops for all ages starting as young as 18 months up to adults, amazing workshops , a huge corporate events following, Craft Studio TO GO bringing events in homes and offices all over NYC, super fun camps,  the coolest parties with trendiest themes and projects, amazing drop in craft session from  Chocolate Houses to Hooded Sweatshirt design to watercolors to clay play to painting, and amazing curated gifts and craft supplies and kits. Our brand is all about creativity, disconnecting from technology , kindness, and providing the most amazing atmosphere for magical memories brought to you by our great team!

What inspired you to open The Craft Studio below Canal Street?

After years of toying with the idea, I woke up one morning and thought…it is time!  I am so excited about proving activities that are creative, trendy , fun for the whole family, and one that is done without electronics. As much as I love technology I think the world needs to cultivate more tactile creativity. I also truly believe in happiness and positivity and our vibe, energy, and philosophy is all about that.  We need that today in our world!  We have so many clients and customers who live in Tribeca and have our “Craft Studio TO GO” come down to Tribeca to help with in home parties that I knew a studio would be warmly welcomed. It was the natural next location!

What’s so different about the Tribeca neighborhood?  

Its so cool to get to know the neighborhood. Tribeca has a great energy….a rich history of New York but with such a fresh step and energy. I love the mix of Old New York with New New York. It is breathtakingly beautiful!

What is the opening date? ccccc

What should locals expect from The Craft Studio?

An awesome space to walk in and craft after school or on a weekend. An amazing class selection, super fun workshops and special events, and a great space for a party! We always say too if you can dream it we can do it! We help with school projects, customize events, and work with our clients to make them feel they are special and no interaction is ever the same between us and our guests…a real bespoke experience!

What's coming up for The Craft Studio this year? Any events we should know about?

Stay tuned for an amazing Grand Opening Celebration, super cool seasonal workshops, a great class curriculum for all our offerings, new walk in projects, and LOTS of fun!

What are your favorite spots in the neighborhood?

I am just getting to know the neighborhood but I am in love with just walking the beautiful streets! I love the Laughing Man Coffee shop a few doors down, and Ever After… I could go nuts in for my two daughters. After we open I can’t WAIT to explore all the local shops and amazing restaurants. The neighborhood feels electric!

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