OPENINGS/CLOSINGS - Tribeca Spaceship (3.28.18)

OPENINGS/CLOSINGS - Tribeca Spaceship (3.28.18)

Whether it's to get your team out of the office or host a private event in a new space, finding the fresh spot to host your meetings, conferences and other personal/professional events can be tricky. Enter Tribeca's newest business: Tribeca Spaceship, the newest private event space in the neighborhood. We spoke with Shawn, founder of Tribeca Spaceship, to learn more..


Tell us about Tribeca Spaceship...

Tribeca Spaceship is a masterfully designed prime events and meeting space located in northern Tribeca. 


What is unique about Tribeca Spaceship?

The full-floor space has 11’ high ceilings with voice-controlled color and brightness selectable indirect cove lighting that contributes to the space’s contemporary and airy feel and promotes forward thinking creativity. The space also features a 200” UltraHD 4k theater setup with stadium seating as well as a 19’ dry erase whiteboard wall for unrestricted collaborative creative brainstorming.

What inspired you to open Tribeca Spaceship?

I wanted to create and cultivate an optimal space that would inspire world class thinking.

What's coming up for Tribeca Spaceship this year?

Many wonderful events held here as well as iterative improvements to the space to follow along with and experience.

What should locals know about Tribeca Spaceship?

We’re here for you!

What are your favorite neighborhood spots?

Ilya’s Barber Shop!


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