FOOD & DRINK: Dining Review - Brunch @ Amada (1.8.18)

FOOD & DRINK: Dining Review - Brunch @ Amada (1.8.18)

When it comes to weekend brunching, we take it pretty seriously (especially when the weather is cold and it’s most likely our only outdoor outing of the day). One of our favorite not-so-secret secrets is Amada’s brunch in Battery Park. Even if you’re not into tapas (theirs is Andalusian style), the brunch menu works for various food allergies, preferences, and even picky eaters (believe us, we’ve tested this place on friends & family with dairy allergies, gluten allergies, kids in their terrible twos….you name it). If you’re looking to shake up your standard omelette and hash browns routine, this is the place to do it.


Offered 11AM-3PM on Saturdays and Sundays, we love that it’s never too crowded to get a table, so there’s always something available on Open Table. They can accommodate larger groups, and the vibe is pretty chill. The different table heights and styles can accommodate families, more intimate daytime dates, and even private meals (we recently hosted a baby shower for 14 people in the private room and the staff couldn’t have been more accommodating).


We love the ‘brunch special’ - $29 gets you an epic bread basket (it’s more like a pasty basket that we refuse to share), coffee/tea, 1 desayuno, 1 especialidades, and 1 a la plancha. Sounds like a lot of food to you? It’s the perfect amount, and we love that you can try a slew of different things vs. being stuck opting into one dish. Not sure what to get? Here’s some of our favorite options…


-Pan con smoked salmon (like a fancier bagel experience)

-Ensalada verde (one of our favorite salads downtown)


-Revuelto (you had us at black truffle toast)

-Tortilla Francesa (opt out of the manchego cheese if you’re dairy free)

A La Placha:

-Patatas Rosti (ALWAYS the potatoes!)

-Chorizo (the garlic gives it that extra flavor)


-If you are dining with children, sometimes the kitchen can be slow (most likely the whole tapas-style design since things come as they’re done at different time), so order what your kids want as soon as you sit and let them know to rush the kids’ food. We haven’t had issues with this but we’ve had a friend who had a very slow meal with a very hungry toddler…you don’t want to experience that twice.

-If you’re not in a rush, definitely double down on the bottomless cava, and ask for some OJ on the side. It says there’s a two-hour limit, but we’ve tested those boundaries successfully….

-If you’re into sangria, we like to DIY our own sangria flight. Sounds fancy, we know. But really, we just ask the bartender to pour the rotating selection of sangria in the order of their preference, and work our way through our ‘flight’.


If you check it out, let us know!

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