EVENTS: Taste Of Tribeca - May 19th (5.7.18)

EVENTS: Taste Of Tribeca - May 19th (5.7.18)

Spring means a lot of things...more time spent in local dog parks, long runs along the river, increased outdoor dining and drinking, and, one of our favorite springtime events: Taste Of Tribeca, scheduled for Saturday, May 19th. Founded in 1994 by a group of PS 150 parents in response to cuts to the school’s art budget, Taste Of Tribeca continues to grow, becoming a prime event for locals who want to support both local businesses and local schools.

We spoke with Bettina Teodoro, Co-Chair, Taste of Tribeca, to learn more about what you can expect this year...Let's just say you'll want to grab your tickets ASAP.

Tell us about Taste of Tribeca...

Taste of Tribeca was founded in 1994 by a group of PS 150 parents in response to cuts to the school’s art budget. At the time the neighborhood was growing into a restaurant destination, so the group came up with the idea of restaurants offering tastings to market themselves and raise money for the school. The first Taste of Tribeca was held on the shipping dock of the Bazzini building, where Sarabeth’s is located now.

As Taste of Tribeca evolved, we joined with the parents at PS 234 and the festival eventually moved to its present location on Duane and Greenwich. 24 years later, it is now a world-class event, run entirely by parents and with the support of our schools and the entire community.

What is so unique about Taste of Tribeca?

That Taste of Tribeca is such a big event yet it still manages to maintain its local, neighborhood-focused feel. For one day we have hundreds of restaurant workers, employees of local businesses, teachers and school administrators, parents and kids come together to produce this festival. It’s crowded and crazy, but everyone is familiar with everyone else and everyone is having a great time. It’s very special.

What is new to Taste of Tribeca this year?

This year we have five new restaurants: 1803, L’Angolo, Greca, Love Bug Café & Play and Tetsu, and we are always excited to see what new restaurants will be bringing to the event. We also have a few new sponsors — Havas, Love Bug Café & Play, Westfield World Trade Center and WeWork — and it’s terrific when big companies want to be active parts of our community.

We are also thrilled to be offering more activities for children. We are debuting a new Family Zone, which will be perfectly located near the entrance to Washington Market Park and which is sponsored by Love Bug Café & Play, a new café and play space that will open in Tribeca this summer. LBCP will be serving coffee and pastries and hosting a state-of-the-art photo booth. We will also have our amazing Hollywood face painters, Manhattan Youth’s circuit of ball games in the Sports Zone, a skateboarding demo, mask making, coding, chess and possibly even live animals!

What can locals expect at Taste of Tribeca?

A celebration of all the great people and places that make up our neighborhood! We are very lucky to live, work and go to school here.

How do you get tickets for Taste of Tribeca?

You may buy tickets on our website at

What are you most looking for to this year at Taste of Tribeca?

To walk around and see people having fun.

What are your favorite spots in the neighborhood?

We have so many and I hate just to call out a few names but… The Odeon, Tribeca Grill and Khe-Yo for date nights. Marc Forgione and Edward’s for family brunch. Dirty Bird for feeding my kids dinner before softball practice. Duane Park Patisserie for lemon tarts and bacon scones. Takahachi and Tokyo Bay for sushi. Warren 77 for pub food and foosball. Zucker’s for bagels and their amazing gravlax.

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