OPENINGS: Proper Food (9.24.18)

OPENINGS: Proper Food (9.24.18)

The latest entrant in the health-focused category has officially come to Financial District! Proper Food opened their first East Coast location TODAY at 67 Wall St. The all-natural grab-and-go store focuses on providing fresh, honest, fare to those living and working below Canal Street for breakfast, lunch and dinner. After checking it out and quickly falling in love, we knew we had to talk with Dana Bloom, Co-CEO of Proper Food, to learn more about Proper Food and what you need to know…

Tell us about Proper Food…

We started Proper Food to solve a daily dilemma we had while working in downtown San Francisco – either spending lunch breaks waiting on line or sacrifice quality for convenience. Bringing on fine dining-trained and Michelin-star experienced Juan Muñoz as the Founding Executive Chef and Laura Tuttle as Founding General Manager, we launched Proper Food in 2014 to fill the void for quality grab-and-go meals. Five years and nine locations later, we’ve gone bicoastal with our first location in New York City, bringing wholesome to-go meals to Manhattan’s Financial District. Proper Food offers an ever-changing array of fresh, all-natural breakfast, lunch and dinner items, coffee, tea and fresh-pressed juices—all handmade daily using seasonal ingredients from top purveyors. Proper Food’s inviting, modern storefronts aim to make the shortest interaction of a guest’s day the best one, emphasizing friendly and efficient service. Doing good with the good-for-you, Proper Food donates all unsold meals to local food banks each night—providing everyone the chance for a good, honest meal.

What makes Proper Food so unique?

What makes Proper Food so unique is the unprecedented quality of food that we pack into a convenient grab-n-go container. Our menu has been developed by Executive Chef Juan Muñoz, who balances approachability with elevated techniques refined by his work at acclaimed restaurants in California such as City Club of San Francisco and Michelin-starred Campton Place. Chef Juan has spent the past five years creating inspired, real food from scratch every day—working with farmers, ranchers, and suppliers that share our belief that food with integrity starts from the source. The menu has enough variety that you can truly eat at Proper Food every day, and it changes seasonally so there’s always something new to discover. 

What are the hours?

Monday-Friday 7 a.m.— 9 p.m.

Saturday-Sunday 9 a.m.—5 p.m.

What are your favorite dishes on the Proper Food menu?

That’s like asking me to choose a favorite child! Right now, I’m head over heels for the Harvest Salad with Garnet Yams - the combination of the yams, caramelized pecans, apples and goat cheese is ‘dream about this dish’ good. The Pulpo Ensalada is always at the top of my list - I still find it amazing to get grilled octopus in a takeaway container.  Our Turkey Avocado is a ‘go-to’ - the lemon aioli takes it to the next level. And I have to confess to a bit of an addiction to our chocolate chip cookie, with dark chocolate and sea salt - the day is not complete without one.

What inspired you to come across the country and open in the Financial District?

Howard (co-CEO) and I have always had NY in our sights - for both business and personal reasons. From a business perspective, NYC has the highest density of food savvy and time starved professionals - our target consumer. There’s no city in the world that’s a better match for what we offer. From a personal perspective, both Howard and I had parents who were born in NY, and we spent many happy days of our childhoods eating our way through the city. We love the energy of NY and couldn’t be more thrilled to have a reason to spend more time here.

What do you want locals know about Proper Food?

That there’s a great new solution to the dilemma of choosing between quality and convenience - it’s Proper Food, and our first store is located at 67 Wall St. Other than that, I’d simply encourage them to stop in. The experience speaks for itself. 

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