EVENTS: Taste Of Tribeca - 5.18 (5.8.19)

EVENTS: Taste Of Tribeca - 5.18 (5.8.19)

Saturday May 18th marks the 25th anniversary of Taste Of Tribeca, the annual outdoor culinary festival benefitting arts and enrichment programs at local public elementary schools PS 150 and PS 234

We spoke with Ron Silver, Chef and Owner of Bubby's (who has participated in TOT for years), and Andrea Flamenco, Co-chair of Taste of Tribeca, to learn more about what you can expect this year…

Tell us about Taste of Tribeca…

Andrea Flamenco: Taste of Tribeca is downtown Manhattan's premier outdoor food festival. The event features signature dishes from over 60 Tribeca restaurants to benefit arts and enrichment programs at local public elementary schools.  

What makes Taste of Tribeca so unique? 

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Ron Silver: What makes Taste of Tribeca so special for us is that we've participated every year since the beginning, along with a handful of other old timers in the neighborhood. And it is a great way for us to meet our new neighbors.

Andrea Flamenco: Taste of Tribeca celebrates it’s 25th anniversary this year! The festival began as a local fundraiser and has, over the last 25 years, grown into major festival and neighborhood fixture.  What is unique is that it remains true to its origins as a parent-led community event.

What's new at Taste of Tribeca this year?

Andrea Flamenco: This year we will continue our efforts to produce less waste by eliminating single-use plastic bottles from the event. We are also excited to welcome back Chef David Waltuck and his team for the Institute of Culinary Education. His former restaurant, Chanterelle, was a longtime participant at Taste of Tribeca. We will also welcome a few new neighborhood restaurants. 

What does Bubby's have planned for Taste of Tribeca this year?

Ron Silver: The Fried Chicken and Pancakes are a Bubby's classic. We pair Sullivan County Farm fried chicken with our light and fluffy James Beard-style sour cream pancakes - drizzled with bourbon maple syrup. It's the perfect combination of salty and sweet. The fried chicken and pancakes have always been two of our most popular plates; so it only made sense to put them together.

How has the evolution of the neighborhood impacted Bubby's?

Ron Silver: When Bubby's opened in 1990, there were no traffic lights in Tribeca. Over these nearly 30 years, Tribeca has evolved into one of the most expensive neighborhoods in America. Throughout the years, Bubby's has kept it warm, homey, and welcoming to everyone.

What are you most looking forward to at Taste of Tribeca?

Ron Silver: We're looking forward to all the spring produce - rhubarb, asparagus - and the beautiful cherries, berries, corn, peaches and melons coming this summer.

How do you get tickets to Taste of Tribeca?

Andrea Flamenco: Easiest way to purchase tickets is through our website

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