LOCAL PROFILES: Jil Larsen (Magic Mix Juicery) (6.13.18)

LOCAL PROFILES: Jil Larsen (Magic Mix Juicery) (6.13.18)


Anyone who knows us knows that we love to keep it clean. When it comes to getting our raw food fix, we turn to Financial District's Magic Mix Juicery for smoothies, juices, foods, and other treats that help us find balance during chaotic weeks (did you see their latest stress-reducing product launch?). We were really excited to meet Founder & Chief Squeeze Jil Larsen, who shared with us her personal story that led to creating Magic Mix, and what locals can expect to try this summer.

Tell us about Magic Mix Juicery....

Magic Mix was really born out of my own desire to feel better. In my early twenties I was walking around constantly depressed, suffering from severe mood swings, yo-yo dieting, bloated, fatigued and to top it all off diagnosed with a skin pigmentation disorder called ‘Melasma.’ I felt helpless, all the doctors I went to said it was incurable and that I would have to stay out of the sun for the rest of my life. I started looking at healing from the inside out and wanted to learn more about the bodies naturally ability to heal itself. I studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and became a certified health coach and I started looking at what the best method would be for the body to reboot itself. Juicing was number one on the list. To flood your body with vitamins, minerals and micronutrients to bring it back to an alkaline state. I was basically overfed and undernourished ☺ I started juicing and did a full on 3-week juice cleanse and felt like I could conquer anything. Tons of energy, fully focused and for the first time in a long time really happy. Another ‘side effect’ was that my skin started to clear up and I couldn’t believe it. Like Magic! I decided I wanted to create a space were ‘you can add in the good and crowd out the bad’, a space that just like its ingredients is transparent and clean and full of life. Magic Mix started with organic cold-pressed juices, plant-based meals and smoothies and we now also have a selection of Acaí bowls, turmeric and matcha latté’s, tea’s and grab and go plant-based snacks.

What inspired you to open in Financial District?  

I was intrigued by the history of the Financial District and that it was close to the water. I also knew that Conde Nast was moving into the Freedom Towers a couple of years later so I was hoping that all the fashion editor’s would be my customers (which now they are ☺)

How has the evolution of the neighborhood impacted how you have grown? 

Its been an interesting time watching the neighborhood transform. Just Fulton Street alone has undergone so much construction. We are excited for all the new residential buildings to start being occupied and we have definitely seen much more residential customers be our repeat clientele. Its great to also watch people from Blue School come in with their children and see other neighbors in the store and start chatting. Its really a small community of friends. 

What should locals know about Magic Mix Juicery? 

We really care about our customers and are always willing to customize and listen to their needs. Magic Mix is all about making YOU feel good so whatever we can do to help we will. I also live close to the store (near Stone Street) and if I am not in store, running around the neighborhood and my team knows that if someone needs me or has a burning health question I always have an open ear.

We love your Indian Summer Bread (no joke, it was the last and first thing we ate before/after being cut off from food for labor) and the Wicked Potion Smoothie. What are your favorites at the shop? 

Uhhh so many favorites, I always say they are all my babies so its hard to judge but if I was to choose I always have a ‘Green Radiance’ in the morning (when your body absorbs the most amount of nutrients) and I am currently obsessed with our new Gluten-Free banana bread.

What's coming up for Magic Mix Juicery this year?

We have had so much exciting news this year! We started wholesaling our juices to amongst others ‘QuickCryo’ in Tribeca and ‘Celsious’ in Brooklyn. We also started wholesaling our plant-based snacks to health food stores around Manhattan. AND we just launched our  ‘Cacao CBD Chocolates’ collaboration with ‘Sweat with Bec.’ More exciting products and news to come… 

What are your go-to spots in the neighborhood?

I love Mad Dog and Beans on Stone Street they make the best spicy guacamole and Hole in the Wall for their bowls and cute Australian accents. My fiancé and I also walk the dogs down to the seaport and go to Suteishi or grab a movie at iPic. I love this neighborhood because even though it feels like the big city when you walk on the street you always meet somebody you know which makes it feel like home.

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