OPENINGS: The Dermatology Specialists (5.28.19)

OPENINGS: The Dermatology Specialists (5.28.19)

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No matter your age, taking care of your skin is a full-time job…just ask Dr. Bobby Buka, who recently merged with Brooklyn Dermatology to form an enhanced practice called The Dermatology Specialists. The practice is led by Dr. Bobby Buka and Dr. Sourab Choudhury. We spoke with Dr. Bobby Buka, Chief Executive Officer of the new practice, on what you can expect when you visit (including a secret green space), and what his go-to treatments are this summer…

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Tell us about The Dermatology Specialists…

The Dermatology Specialists (TDS) is a full-service dermatology practice with 10 locations across Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. We combine the sophistication of cutting-edge medicine with the careful attention and intimacy of a down-to-earth, neighborhood doctor. Patients experience personalized care that reflects the TDS philosophy of bringing authenticity and comfort into traditionally clinical medical spaces.

TDS provides extensive medical dermatological services -- including acne, rosacea and eczema -- and cosmetic services like BOTOX Cosmetic, lasers and volume-restoring fillers. We stand at the forefront of derm advancements, operating in-house research facilities and processing labs with resident pathologists to offer patients faster, more accurate results.

How did this partnership come to be?

The Dermatology Specialists combines the expertise of two leading dermatology practices, Bobby Buka MD Dermatology and Brooklyn Dermatology.

Dr. Choudhury and I have known each other since 2005, when he first opened Brooklyn Dermatology. We both have an accessible, patient-first approach to dermatology -- one that's focused on what works best for the patient, and not necessarily what the textbook says you should be doing.

He and I have collaborated along the way and we realized that by partnering, we had an opportunity to grow faster together than we would have on our own. Our goal has always been to deliver the highest quality patient care to local communities around NYC, and this was the best way to continue meeting that goal.

What can locals expect when they visit the Seaport location?

When patients visit our South Street Seaport Dermatology office, they can expect the very best dermatological care this city has to offer. We offer a holistic approach to skin care with customized regimens tailored to each patient's needs and goals.

We know our patients have demanding jobs and countless life-stressors, so we aim to make derm visits as comfortable and convenient as possible. Our Seaport office is designed with a fun, nautical theme with a colorful lobby and maritime murals. In our private, exposed-brick suites, patients enjoy the professionalism and privacy common to every TDS office.

Fun fact: we're located in a largely unknown garden, which is absolutely worth checking out if you haven't.

What's new with The Dermatology Specialists this summer?

In June we’re opening our tenth office in Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood followed by an eleventh office in Greenpoint in August.

Our commitment to excellence allows us to recruit some of the best and brightest, and we're lucky to have a whole fleet of graduating residents at the top of their class joining us this summer. 

With the weather getting warmer, what are the go-to treatments you recommend?

In the summer, short-downtime, high-impact procedures are key. People are outside a lot and we don't want patients healing while they are getting sun exposure.

For that reason, chemical peels and microneedling are two treatments that we recommend during warmer months. They help revitalize the skin, especially during the summertime when we are more likely to expose our skin to sun damage and free radicals.

Chemical peels strip the face and neck of dead, unwanted superficial layers of skin that build up and create a dull complexion. During the peeling process, a dermatologist applies an acid-based substance to your skin over a few days to a week. The resulting flaking and peeling ultimately allows your skin to stimulate new cell growth and collagen that reveals a healthier layer of skin underneath.

Microneedling also enhances brighter and smoother skin. With a specialized device, our certified dermatologists use a small microneedling pen to create tiny punctures in the skin also called micro-injuries. The pinpoint dots encourage the skin’s natural healing process by producing elastin and collagen. The former offers a more youthful glow while the latter makes your skin stronger.

What are your go-to places below Canal Street?

I love starting my day with a nice cold brew from Jack's Stir Brew Coffee, which is right next door. SUteiShi is a terrific sushi spot on our corner and MarcJoseph Steakhouse is an elegant option for steaks and comfort food.

There's a quirky printing shop nearby called Brown & Co. Stationers, which is part-museum, part-artisan letterpress printer. It's been around since the 1700s and they still make their cards by hand on metal printers. Their attention to detail and dedication to the craft is truly inspiring and reminds me of the way we run our practice.

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