LOCAL PROFILES - Lauren Porat (Yoga Spark) (6.4.18)

LOCAL PROFILES - Lauren Porat (Yoga Spark) (6.4.18)

The weather may be heating up, but we're way more into getting hot during our workouts. YogaSpark, located in Tribeca, is a hot power yoga studio offering you the perfect workout to stretch out, power up, and sweat it out in a low stress environment. We have been digging their community focus and their supportive vibe (and, lest we forget, their Blacklight yoga classes!!!), and wanted to share more with you.

We spoke with Lauren Porat, owner of YogaSpark, to learn more....


Tell us about YogaSpark...

YogaSpark is a hot power yoga studio. All classes are one hour, open level, challenging and fun. We play super fun music of all different genres, and we don't take ourselves too seriously. We are dedicated to offering a yoga practice that is sustainable for your body and mind in the long term, always offering modifications and amplifications. Come ready to sweat and leave it all on the mat. 

What inspired you to open YogaSpark in Tribeca?

I love Tribeca. It's so unique and community-focused, and yoga is all about community, so Tribeca was a natural first NYC location for YogaSpark. When you walk around Tribeca, you get this amazing sense of the history of the city because of the architecture, cobblestone streets, and some stores that have been around forever, combined with modern buildings going up and all sorts of fresh new retail offerings. So it's kind of a mirror to what we do at YogaSpark, which is a modern approach to an ancient art. Plus, I did my diligence! I searched all over NYC, and nowhere else did I find the opportunity to create the kind of yoga destination that we have, with a ground floor location, soaring ceilings, a 1,000 square foot studio with no obstructions, and plenty of room to create spacious locker rooms with 10 showers (6 in the women's, 4 in the men's) for self-care before and after class. 

What is unique about YogaSpark?

As far as I know, we are the only studio (other than membership-based studios) where mats, grippy towels, and shower towels are always included in the cost of your class. My philosophy in creating an open level studio is that these things should also be accessible. I don't want you to have to think about where your mat is - just come to class! Plus, with everyone practicing on the same color mat and towel, it unifies the room. Just like in life, we are all practicing individually, but in it together. 

Also, every class is different. It's all under the umbrella of hot power - so it's always going to be an amazing full body-and-mind workout - but we don't have standardized sequencing. So because you're getting a little of the unexpected in every class, you learn something new and your body is challenged each time. And yoga ultimately is about letting go of expectations and learning to be present in the moment. We want you to take that practice off the mat. 

Last, we offer blacklight classes once or twice a day. Blacklight yoga is amazing! No, it's not a rave. It is more like a deeper opportunity to turn off distractions and tune into your practice. It does feel a little otherworldly! Our SuperSpark class in the morning is a combo class of regular / blacklight / candlelight; BlacklightSpark in the evening is pure blacklight. 

What should locals know about YogaSpark?

You will always get a friendly face when you walk through the door at YogaSpark! (But we get it if you're not in the mood - we'll leave you alone ;) ). In all seriousness though, we really have changed people's lives. I have heard clients tell me they are more productive in their work and home life; they feel stronger and more flexible; and they feel happier. As a business owner, it just doesn't get any better that that!

What's coming up for YogaSpark in 2018?

Teacher trainings, mentorships, working on a third location, some fun off-site classes over the summer, and maybe a retreat! Also, simply offering more class times and offerings as our community continues to grow. 

What are your favorite spots in the neighborhood? 

Obsessed with the chili kale salad at Nish Nush (LBC editors note - SAME! It's a total addiction)! You have to get an egg or avocado on top to cut the spice a little. Also love Laughing Man Coffee just down the street from the studio on Duane - their almond milk matcha latte is perfection, and they have the best snacks. 

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