OPENINGS/CLOSINGS: Fluem Pasta (1.29.18)

OPENINGS/CLOSINGS: Fluem Pasta (1.29.18)

When a new restaurant opens below Canal Street, we are all over it. So how could we not get excited about an Italian restaurant in an open kitchen space? Fluem Pasta, which opened this month on Pearl Street, is an Italian restaurant featuring incredible pastas and homemade desserts (don't believe us....check their Instagram).  

We spoke with Carlo Farina, owner of Fluem, to learn more about the restaurant.


Tell us about Fluem Pasta...
Fluem Pasta is the new concept of Italian restaurant! Lots of people love Pasta and Italian food in general, but more often they don't have the time to go to a "real/old" type of restaurant, expecially in this amazing area. That inspired Fluem, a quick casual restaurant, 100% Italian with high quality and selected ingredients. Our sauces and our desserts are homemade, our sodas are from Italy, our dishes are made with the heart.

The open plan kitchen is perfect to let our customers see how we work, where theyre dishes are created, they can see everything, everything is open.

We proudly serve Garofalo pasta, one of the best pasta in the world, that assures us, with a specific procedure, the best quality and result to serve an awesome Pasta dish, al dente, in less than 3 minutes, just not to take away the pleasure of a delicious and healthy meal even for those who do not have time.

Our philosophy is not to allow customers to customize their dishes, because first of all in Fluem we want to give people the certainty of a true Italian pasta dish. We have chosen dishes, forks and glasses that are compostable and eco-friendly for the respect of the world in which we live!

100% Italian - High Quality Pasta - Homemade Desserts - Italian Sodas. That's it! Do not believe me, come try it.

Tell us about your role at Fluem Pasta
My role could be defined as that of a bearer of Italian passion in New York. I am the owner and the mind of this new and fantastic concept. My enthusiasm comes from love for Italian cuisine and love for this city. I am here in first person to coordinate and supervise, because nothing is more important to me than the authenticity of the food we serve from Fluem.


What inspired you to open up Fluem Pasta in FiDi?
This extraordinary district is becoming more and more animated, not only offices, but also many residents and services. The Fluem concept is perfectly suited to the typical rhythms of the Financial District and therefore it is a great honor and pleasure for us to have our first "home" here.

What's coming up for Fluem Pasta in 2018?
2018 is the beginning of Fluem for the public. The project sincerely started a long time ago, with several tests and a long design to ensure the maximum for those who will follow us.
The main project for this first year is to see many faces happy and satisfied by us ... for the rest we can not reveal too much!

What should locals know about Fluem Pasta?
They should know that if they want a real Italian pasta dish, they must absolutely visit, even if they are in a hurry. Here they can see how we work, what we use, the passion and joy of being part of this neighborhood and this city in general.

What are your favorite parts of working at a restaurant below Canal Street?
This area is becoming more and more animated, it is fantastic, it is full of services, full of attractions, full of beautiful people and now also has excellent Italian pasta. The reasons we are happy to be here are really many.

241 Pearl Street New York, NY 10038

Mon - Sat: 11am to 3pm & 5pm to 9pm
Sunday Closed

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