LOCAL PROFILES: INATTESO Pizzabar Casano (7.23.18)

LOCAL PROFILES: INATTESO Pizzabar Casano (7.23.18)

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At Life Below Canal we love to try the newest openings around the neighborhood. We also, however, have a small list of perennial favorites we turn to time and time again as our go-tos. One of our top pizza spots? INATTESO Pizzabar Casano in Battery Park, which touts Neapolitan pizzas and an ever-pleasing list of seasonal pasta specials. The space is cozy enough to make it a date night, but also casual enough for a group or family dinner. We were really excited to talk to Eric Lind, Executive Chef, and Haydn Long, FOH Manager, to learn more about the restaurant and share a favorite with you...

Tell us about INATTESO Pizza Bar... 

ERIC: INATTESO is an independent restaurant in southern Battery Park. We are known for our Sicilian style thin crust pan pizza, brick oven pizza, and hand made pastas. We use local farm produce along with imported specialty items from Italy to create a modern style Italian menu.  We offers a full Italian bar, and a carefully procured wine list with a mix of traditional style wines, and wines from unique forward thinking Italian wine makers.  The space itself is designed to feel comfortable and modern and appeal to all types of guest, families, romantic dinners, business or casual meals. We also have

Al fresco dining during the warmer months along a calm stretch of the promenade.

What makes INATTESO Pizza Bar so unique? 

ERIC: I believe the most unique aspect of INATTESO is the way that we have designed the menu and physical space. Different customers can have a different dining experience simultaneously.   Often we will have families in for an uncomplicated dinner of pizza and beer, while we can have a couple having a romantic dinner with fresh pasta and a Barolo.  We also serve 6-9 specials every day, ranging from traditional Italian dishes to locally inspired dishes. Someone could come every day of the year and have a different meal, or they can come and know that our signature dishes like Tagliatelle Bolognese, or Spinach Ravioli will always be there when they are craving those items. 

You've been in Battery Park for a while now. How has the evolution of the neighborhood impacted the evolution of INATTESO Pizza Bar?

ERIC: INATTESO opened in December of 2008.  The neighborhood has really grown since then.  The city and community has done such a great job of developing the Battery and surrounding areas to make Battery Park a destination for New Yorkers and visitors alike.  Evolution for INATTESO is a slow organic process where we are constantly tweaking food, wine, and service in subtle ways to make sure we are providing the customer the best experience we possibly can.

What's coming up for INATTESO Pizza Bar in 2018? 

ERIC: We are looking forward to some exciting wine promotion we have been planning with some of our favorite producers for thus coming fall. 

HAYDN: I have literally been here at INATTESO for three weeks now. There are a lot of new developments going up and my goal is to reach out to new neighbors and have INATTESO be a welcoming part of their new community. Our demographic skews to people in their forties and fifties, but with New York Film Academy around the corner and a downtown campus of MCNY about five blcoks away, we're looking to bring a more consistently younger crowd to the restaurant by reaching out and possibly giving struggling students a 10 or maybe 15 percent discount with their student ID. Pizza is our specialty and pizza should be fun so I'm looking to create an atmosphere where people can come and not just have great food and great service but also have a fun time out.

What should locals know about INATTESO Pizza Bar? 

ERIC: We are an independent restaurant looking forward to serving locals and visitors alike high quality food and wines for another 10 years.

HAYDN: Locals make up about 70 percent of our clientele , so I'd say in some ways they probably know us better than we know ourselves. For the new locals moving in, we are about great food, great service in a pretty laid back atmosphere where the staff takes the time to know your name.

What are your local go-to spots? 

ERIC:  Our sister café, INATTESO CAFÉ for the best homemade muffins and coffee in the morning. Pier A for al fresco drinks in the evening. 

HAYDN: Pier A definitely and I'm partial to Miramar.

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