OPENINGS/CLOSINGS: Vin Sur Vingt (12.6.17)

OPENINGS/CLOSINGS: Vin Sur Vingt (12.6.17)

Anyone who knows LBC knows we enjoy a good glass of wine, and always get excited when we can try something new. So, when we heard Vin Sur Vingt was opening in Tribeca, we knew we had to meet the team and learn more. Check out what they've got in store for you!

Welcome to the neighborhood! Tell us about Vin Sur Vingt...

Vin Sur Vingt ("VSV") is a collection of French Wine Bars throughout New York City. We offer a rotating selection of exclusively, French wines, paired with a light bistro menu. Our menu includes over 50 wines-by-the-glass from every French region. We opened VSV back in 2011 with the intention of being "your neighborhood wine bar." A relaxed atmosphere where patrons could enjoy and learn about the different wines across France.  Not to mention the delicious fromage and charcuterie that come along with it!   

Why did you choose to open in Tribeca?


Opening in Tribeca has always been a goal. We tried to open our very first location in the neighborhood back in 2010. We looked for more than a year, submitted several offers but nothing came to fruition.  Tribeca has a very warm and hospitable community. From working at Bouley, I knew the wine culture is very enthusiastic. Also, there wasn't a concept like ours at the time so our intention was to be its neighborhood wine bar.

What do you like about the area?

Aside from people, the feel of the neighborhood reminded me of the one I grew up in Paris. 

What is unique about the Tribeca outpost of Vin Sur Vingt?

It's location and size. It's central in Tribeca being on W. Broadway - exactly where we wanted to be. It's our most intimate location. A lot of our guests are impressed on how we can fit over 250 selections within the space smaller than most studio apartments.

What should locals know about the Tribeca spot?

There are few unique selections that we saved only for this location: Bollinger Grand Annee, St. Joseph Red, Chenin Blanc Domaine La Tour Grise .

What are your favorite other places in the neighborhood?

Bouley (but no longer there sadly); Terroir; Racines; Odeon for the old school vibe.


Vin Sur Vingt Tribeca

66 West Broadway

Open Monday - Saturday 4PM-12AM

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