OPENINGS/CLOSINGS: Biscuits & Bath FiDi (4.4.18)

OPENINGS/CLOSINGS: Biscuits & Bath FiDi (4.4.18)

At Life Below Canal, we love our dogs. So, whenever a new dog-related shop or experience opens, we're usually the first in line. So, you can imagine how excited we were to hear that Biscuits & Bath is opening a new Financial District location at the end of the month (adding on to their Tribeca location we already enjoy!). We spoke with Location Manager Brian Annett to learn more...

Tell us about Biscuits & Bath....

At Biscuits & Bath our Mission is to work with our clients to positively impact the quality of life for each dog that we serve.  We have been the leader and innovator in our industry for over 26 years by being relentless about continually raising the standard of excellence for dog care and client service.  

What inspired you to open Biscuits & Bath in FiDi? 

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With having experience over the past 25+ years within providing the best dog service across Manhattan, we felt it was time to move into the untapped market and fast past growing residential neighborhood in Manhattan, the Financial District.

How has the neighborhood below Canal Street impacted the evolution of Biscuits & Bath in FiDi and Tribeca? 

Life below Canal st. has significantly impacted the evolution of Biscuits & Bath in a multitude of areas to where more residents of the area are seeking to find dog services, businesses around the world are having their employees work and/or live temporarily within the neighborhoods who bring their dogs with them, needing a home while they are at work. Tribeca has been known to be a more family oriented neighborhood which has drawn more dogs over the past five years than ever before. With more dogs moving into the area, Biscuits & Bath has been able to utilize our strong talents to be able to create new training programs, upgrade our grooming services (such as Hot Oil treatment), and begin to work on building partnership relationships with management companies to expand our brand to more residents within the area than ever before.  

What's coming up in 2018 for Biscuits & Bath?

In late 2017 we launched a unique VIP overnight tiered-boarding that offers our clients and their dogs the ability to sleep like the Queens & Kings they are! These overnight services separate their dogs from the others by offering a teeth cleaning treat, doggie massage and more to come in 2018 as we will enhance the tiered-boarding services. We also have a unique program started up for all Building Management companies and Landlords where we will come into your residential building and train their residents building etiquette with their dogs (such as lobby, and elevator behavior, greeting the concierge or other residents, leash pulling in the hallways and so much more)!

What should locals know about the FiDi location?

Think the Grand Hotel, but for your dogs… The VIP overnights will be enhanced further, and we will be implementing new services where we will take care of everything for your dog, creating less stress and more enjoyment with your great dog.  All locals should know that the FiDi location not only will provide the best dog care services (dog walking, day care, overnight care, grooming, veterinarian care through New York Vet Practice, training and much more), but we will also be serving our feline friends down in the area!

What are your favorite local places near the new location? 

My favorite coffee shop within FiDi is Jack’s Stir Brew in Seaport, and Bean & Bean coffee located at 71 Broadway. During my free time, I have enjoyed walking around South Cove Park and getting a quick bite at Bareburger off William Street (I love their impossible burger!).

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