FOOD & WINE: Bâtard (10.1.18)

FOOD & WINE: Bâtard (10.1.18)

The downtown dining scene has never better hotter. Not only do we have more restaurants opening in the Battery Park, Tribeca and Financial District areas, we also have some of the best restaurants in NYC constantly evolving to provide fresh menus and incredible dishes. One of our ongoing favorites? Bâtard in Tribeca. We spoke with John Winterman, Managing Partner, to find out how their keep it fresh and why you should be booking your next dinner there ASAP (also, we cover their 800 wines…critical information).

Tell us about Bâtard...

Bâtard is the culmination of three lifetimes of experience – The Chef Markus Glocker, The Maitre d’ John Winterman, and the Restaurateur Drew Nieporent - and the desire to create something truly distinctive together.

What makes Bâtard so unique? 

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Markus and I correctly anticipated the zeitgeist of the time in the restaurant pendulum swinging back away from small plates and multi-coursed tasting menus.  Bâtard puts control back into the hands of the diner.

How has Bâtard evolved over time? 

In many ways we have matured over time.  The wine list is 1000% bigger than day one, the menu has evolved where we know what works and what people want, the service is constantly being tweaked...the question we always ask ourselves is, "how can we do this better?"

Talk to us about your food philosophy...

Serving incredible food & having fun doing it!

Serving incredible food & having fun doing it!

Authenticity and honesty are at the heart of each dish we plate at Bâtard. Our Michelin-starred restaurant offers an experience of “refined simplicity,” wherein guests can enjoy the very best ingredients.

Confidence in the kitchen means doing the best we can with ingredients at hand without too much manipulation. It's all about flavour:  simple, but elegant - classic flavors with new techniques.

Our menu reflects the background and training of Chef Markus Glocker with respect and awe for the diversity of New York City. 

You have 800 wines!!! How do you even start to curate a list like that?  

Considering the globalisation of wine, we feel we have a very, very small representation of what is possible.  Wherein most restaurants think "horizontally" in that they have a list with a few selections from many regions, we think "vertically" where we have many selections from a much smaller region, mainly Burgundy.  Our point of view on wine is very clear and we love exploring the depth and diversity Burgundy offers - and it keeps us on point since we occupy the space that once housed the legendary restaurant Montrachet.  We love nothing more than a bottle of open wine at every table.

What should locals know about Bâtard?

The message we really want to convey is the flexibility of the menu.  No matter what you hear or read, we DO NOT HAVE A TASTING menu.  Guests are welcome to order a la carte with a 2-course minimum and that means they can order however they want!  If someone wants to try only one item, we are happy to offer an a la carte price.  We are also an amazing value for the quality we offer.  $79 for a 3-course menu is a steal.
What's new for Bâtard this fall season?  

We are excited for Autumn but are still serving the bounty of late summer and the Greenmarket!  However Fall brings things we love like gamebirds like grouse and squab.  As we head toward October we look forward to venison.   

What are your favorite dishes on the menu? 

Everything we have is delicious but a few standouts would be our Beef Tartare, Grilled Spanish Octopus, Duck Breast with Roasted Plums, and Manjari Chocolate Tart.  Those four dishes would make a great night out.  Our Chef de Cuisine, Kevin McGinley makes all the bread and pasta in-house daily but when Kevin puts a terrine on the menu - currently Rabbit & Foie Gras - you should schedule a visit posthaste.

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