LOCAL PROFILES: Jennifer Famery Mariani (Tribeca Art Night - TONIGHT!) (6.21.17)

LOCAL PROFILES: Jennifer Famery Mariani (Tribeca Art Night - TONIGHT!) (6.21.17)

For those into art, we’ve got everything you want below Canal Street. More than enough street art to fill your Instagram, plenty of galleries tucked into corners of the different neighborhoods, and plenty of independent, up-and-coming artists hidden within a slew of galleries you may never even know existed. However, thanks to Jennifer Famery Mariani, Independent Curator, Director and Chief curator of Tribeca Art Night, you have the chance to meet these local artists, see their work and tour their galleries, FOR FREE, at Tribeca Art Night.

With the 4th edition of Tribeca Art Night coming up TONIGHT, Wednesday June 21st, featuring 24 venues including fine art galleries, design galleries, university /institutional galleries and art non-profits in Tribeca staying open from 6-9PM, we wanted to talk to Jennifer about her take on art below Canal Street...

Tell us about Tribeca Art Night:

Tribeca Art Night is a local festival that celebrates art at large in Tribeca. It is specifically designed to embrace the diversity of creative expressions from drawing to design to crafts and much more. It is located in 20+ participating lower manhattan venues, including indoor and outdoor spaces such as art nonprofits, fine art, design and university galleries and parks. It brings the greater New York City community together around exhibitions, performances, talks and workshops.

What inspired you to create Tribeca Art Night?

I conceptualized and developed Tribeca Art Night in the fall 2016 in collaboration with 19 galleries in Tribeca. It literally started with me walking the streets to identify art venues, to bring together to celebrate the cultural diversity of the neighborhood. I launched the project last September, which scaled up for the second and third editions in November and March, and has continued to grow significantly into the fourth edition, which takes place next TONIGHT, Wednesday June 21st.

Is Tribeca Art Night family friendly?

Yes! Tribeca Art Night is about democratizing the access to Art for all, including families. I believe in the positive impact of exposing children to Art early on.  The event starts as early as 6PM, which allows families to attend the event. Tribeca Art Night maps are a useful tool to build your own self-guided tour of Tribeca Art Night, which provides flexibility to families to pick the shows, events and venues and build the experience best fit for their children's interests and timetable. We have also initiated discussions with downtown District 2 schools to explore ways to include their annual Children's show into Tribeca Art Night next year. We would love to include children's art in the festival.

What should people know about the role art plays in the neighborhood?

Art is everywhere in Tribeca and an integral part of Tribeca residence’s daily life - whether you look at the number of venues involved in Art through teaching, exhibiting or promoting Art, artists living in the neighborhood, or artworks exhibited all over Tribeca's residential and commercial spaces including restaurants. Even the stores often take a distinctively creative approach. Tribeca also has a distinctively diverse cultural landscapes with all types of art represented including visual, performing, literary arts, and non-traditional art venues.

How was the neighborhood impacted by the evolution of Tribeca Art Night?

Tribeca Art Night aims to bring visibility to the Tribeca Art District and make it an Art destination. I hope the festival builds a sense of community, inspires and educates people about Art and fosters interactions between people of different backgrounds and talents.

How often are the events?

Tribeca Art Night takes place 4 times a year. Our fall edition of Tribeca Art Night in September will mark Tribeca Art Night's one year anniversary and debut our 2017-2018 season with editions to follow in November, March/April and May/June. For each edition, we build a diverse program of unique content, available only during that evening. Our aspiration is to continue growing Tribeca Art Night and ultimately launch a flagship annual Tribeca Art Festival.

What should we expect when attending Tribeca Art Night?

Tribeca Art Night is an bonding experience. You can explore and interact with all sorts of creative expression in venues you did not know existed. Tribeca Art Night helps you see the neighborhood in a new light, even if you have lived here for a long time.

What is your favorite part of living below Canal Street?

It has the calm of a village while offering the best of New York City - great people, delicious restaurants, trendy bars, easy access to the river, a dense cultural scene, incredible architecture, and most of all a real sense of neighborhood.

What are your favorite go-to local spots below Canal Street?

-Gotan - I love going to Gotan to have lunch and work. Delicious healthy food with great vibes and people.

-Max’s - Max's is also one of my regular go to's for dinner.

-Duane Park - Duane Park is my favorite place to relax and think and Friends of Duane park always organize amazing events there!

-Flea Theater - I can't wait for to discover the Flea Theatre's performances when it reopens in September - we are so lucky to have an independent theater in the neighborhood.

Don’t forget to sign up for Tribeca Art Night here. See you tonight!

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