LOCAL PROFILES: KettleSpace (8.30.17)

LOCAL PROFILES: KettleSpace (8.30.17)

Not all of us work in a traditional office setting (nor do we want to!). If you’ve ever taken a conference call in a Joe’s, or spent the afternoon working in a corner at Gotan or Bluestone Lane, you know what we’re talking about. It can be liberating, but it can also be stressful if things like wifi, access to meeting space, and even simply peace and quiet at times is something you need.



We were very excited when we learned about KettleSpace, designed to support “work, your way.” Leveraging restaurant space and turning them into coworking spaces, one of the spots KettleSpace utilizes is Tribeca’s own Distilled NY. Offering wifi, outlets for every seat, endless coffee/tea/snacks, members-only happy hour & events, as well as work and meeting space, KettleSpace offers you a version of a non-office office.

We spoke with Nick Iovacchini, co-founder of both KettleSpace & Distilled NY, to learn more…



Tell us a bit about KettleSpace:

We convert underutilized restaurants in premium urban locations into a network of flexible workspaces and make them available to our members for an affordable monthly subscription fee.

Why did you decide to open Kettlespace in Tribeca?

Tribeca is one of the few neighborhoods in NYC that has has that "small town" feel to it. Our concept is rooted in creating a great community for our members so it was essential to launch our business in an already thriving/connected community-oriented neighborhood.

What is it about being below Canal Street that attracted you to opening there?

We like the access to transportation and mixed nature of the area. There are residents, large businesses, small businesses, and schools all coexisting with great energy.

How has the neighborhood impacted the business?

Many of our members come from the area and those that come from other parts of the city have enjoyed having an "excuse" to explore the neighborhood.

What are your plans for KettleSpace this fall?

Expansion! We are adding locations conveniently throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn.

What should people know about KettleSpace?

We welcome everyone -- freelancers, remote corporate workers, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, or simply folks needing some space to breakaway and to call their own. We offer unlimited coffee, snacks, fast/secure WiFI, and overall peace of mind for those of us working and living on the go. And, the monthly cost is likely less than what most of us are already spending in coffee shops and working lunches. We welcome you to check us out!


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