CULTURE: Dog Run Roundup (7.27.17)


As avid dog lovers (a.k.a crazy dog people) with three dogs between us here at LBC, we wanted to share a roundup of dog parks/runs below Canal Street since we know it’s hard to provide adequate exercise for dogs (no matter what size they are) in New York City. We all know a tired dog is a good dog. After one of us lost a few coffee tables and couches to a dog that perhaps wasn’t exactly tired, trips to the dog run became frequent and necessary parts of dog ownership in New York City.

Dog runs are a great option for exercising your furry friend since it’s really hard to throw a ball back and forth in a meaningful way for your dog in most Manhattan apartments (without destroying your apartment and infuriating your neighbors); local runs provide much needed off-leash time as well as socialization. As an added bonus, we generally find “dog people” are friendly and conversational, so it’s not a bad place to meet some of your neighbors.

Check out our round up and let us know your favorite dog runs in the comments:


Pier 26 (Hubert and West St on Pier 26)

This dog run features separate runs for big and small dogs as well as benches and umbrellas for owners. While this isn’t the largest dog run, it’s definitely a Tribeca favorite. The runs feature running fresh water from April - November and rocks for dogs to climb on. The surface is asphalt so it stays relatively clean which is always a plus for city dwellers. Finally, since it’s on the pier there’s a beautiful view of the Hudson to enjoy.


Battery Park:

Sirius Dog Run (Monsignor Kowsky Plaza)

This run is rather large,  featuring an expansive area to run complete with little “hills” for dogs to climb as well as shallow “pools” for dogs to enjoy in the warmer months. Because of its length it’s a great place for large dogs to run and it offers an asphalt surface which again makes this a relatively clean dog run.


North End Avenue Island Dog Run (385 North End Ave)

Another nice long run this one is quite arrow. It also features an area for both small and big dogs (separately), so, if you feel uncomfortable bringing your dog to a ‘one size fits all’ dog park, this is a great alternative. Some consider it a bit “bare bones” (no pun intended…) due to its straightforward nature; it’s a good option to throw a ball back and forth but lacks the water features and obstacles/rocks of some of the other nearby runs.


The West Thames Street Dog Run (West Thames at Little West St)

This run offers separate spaces/runs for big and small dogs to enjoy. The run is also surrounded by trees which makes it not only quite pretty, but also really nice on warmer days since the trees provide a significant amount of shade for both dogs and their owners.


South Street Seaport/Financial District:

South Street Seaport Dog Run (South St & Wall St)

Uniquely located under the FDR this run is one of the few covered dog runs in Manhattan. On a rainy day or brutally hot day this run is a perfect option year round for downtown dogs. It features obstacle courses, water features and more.


Fish Bridge Park Dog Run (2 Dover St)

Tucked right near the Brooklyn Bridge, the dog run has adequate seating for owners (always a plus), shady areas, a portable dog pool, and more. Although it’s relatively narrow and small, it packs a lot into one run. There is no separation for small and large dogs, so keep that mind if you have concerns about mingling with dogs larger or smaller than yours.


Also, don’t forget general dog run/park decorum:

-Pick up after your dog (a lot of the parks/runs have hoses if you need to wash off whatever mess your dog may leave behind)

-Respect on and off-leash makes it safer for everyone and can help alleviate a nervous owner’s concerns

-Keep your dog in designated run/park zones; a lot of parks have spaces that are separate for kids that are dog-free to help make parents (and their kids) comfortable

-If your dog is in heat, it’s probably not the best time to bring them to the park/run

-Don’t leave your dog unattended; it’s great they get to run and play but make sure you keep an eye on them, as accidents can happen in an instant



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LOCAL PROFILES: Nadine McCarthy Kahane (Stone & Strand) (7.31.17)

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LOCAL PROFILES: Sara Fusco & Erica Lerner (Xtend Barre) (7.26.17)