LOCAL PROFILES: Carol Adams of Torly Kid (

LOCAL PROFILES: Carol Adams of Torly Kid (

As new(ish) parents, we're suddenly checking out all sorts of kids shops we used to breeze right by. It's always fun to discover new places and to support local. We were excited to find Torly Kid in Tribeca, and meet the owner Carol Adams. After learning Torly Kid is over 10 years old, we know we had to learn more (including what's new for 2018!)...

Tell us about Torly Kid...

Torly Kid started 13 yrs ago under the name Babylicious where we served the developing Tribeca community with toys and gifts. The name is a combination of my two daughters (now 14 and 15) called Tori and Carly.  We carry clothing, toys and gifts from newborn all the way to age 16 for girls and 12 for boys.  

How has the evolution of the neighborhood impact the evolution of the shop?


As the community grew, so did we and we expanded into clothing up to age 6.  After 6 years under the name Babylicious we recognized the explosion of the families in Tribeca and decided to serve the older kids as well.  So, we took the “Baby” out of the name and rebranded to Torly Kid - Tot to Tween.  

What is coming up for the shop in 2018?

Our specialty is the unique offerings we have in the shop.  People come to us because they find things they don’t see everywhere else.  We take pride in carefully curating “stories” for our product.  We are very much a community shop and focus on community events for the kids as well as philanthropy.  

We hear you're known for your events...

Our traditional events include a Sidewalk Chalk Contest in the fall, Caroling in the neighborhood in December, and A Hula Hoop Contest in the spring.  We also have a monthly Tween Book Club.  Currently most of the girls are in 7th and 8th grade and this month my Book Club is reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.  For 2018, we hope to start a middle grade book club to complement our other book club.  We also hope to do some light redesign in the shop to freshen it up a bit.  

What should locals know about Torly Kid?

In 2016, I started a boutique travel company called Torly Travels (www.torlytravels.com) where we curate travel for families who are too busy to plan their own trips.  We can plan trips from soup to nuts but we specialize in the day to day activities that take so much time to plan once you arrive at your destination.  It’s a nice collaboration with the business because people already trust me. 

What are your favorite local spots in the neighborhood?

I raised my kids in Tribeca (we moved to Fort Greene Brooklyn about 18 months ago) so we are still big fans of the area and spend a lot of time there.  Some of our favorites include:  

For a meal: Tiny’s (the Kale salad and tater tots are a must)

For dessert:  Tribeca Treats ( love the chocolate bark for holiday gifts)

For shopping: Gloria Jewel (great selections for women)

For kids shopping - Torly Kid of course!

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