LOCAL PROFILES: Barry Dry (Hole In The Wall Coffee & Espresso Bar) 5.15.17

LOCAL PROFILES: Barry Dry (Hole In The Wall Coffee & Espresso Bar) 5.15.17

If it’s one thing we appreciate, it’s coffee. Lots of it. We’re even willing to go out of our way for a good cup (and by ‘out of the way’, we mean Sara trekking from Tribeca to FiDi and Whit vice versa), but, with the number of options opening below Canal Street, we don’t need to.

It’s been really exciting to see all of the locally-owned options pop up in the neighborhood, as well as local iterations of some of our favorite shops around the city. One of those is Hole In The Wall, an Australian coffee shop and restaurant by day and espresso cocktail shop by night on Cliff Street. Not only does hanging out there make us feel infinitely cooler (no joke), their Instagram-worthy dishes (hello, Hanging Bacon Jerky) are worth the visit themselves.

We spoke to Barry Dry, owner of Hole In The Wall, to get the downlow on the newest coffee spot downtown:

Tell us about Hole In The Wall...

We are an Australian owned, coffee and quality breakfast/brunch-orientated business. We currently have two stores, with the uptown store solely take away and the Financial District location a larger, food-based adaptation.

What inspired you to open up a coffee shop below Canal Street?

As Financial District has switched from predominantly commercial into residential, the retail and restaurant culture has remained a Monday to Friday fast-food situation. The demand for quality Nolita-style restaurants nearer to home is on the rise, and our idea is to gain market share before that trend switches.

It is so easily accessible from all of New York, thanks to the Fulton Street train station. Also, Financial District has some of the richest history of any part of the world, which is incredible to be a part of.

Do you have any neighborhood spots?

Other than ourselves, Black Fox, deeper towards Wall Street on Pine Street is another Aussie-owned coffee focused venture we like.

Hole In The Wall Coffee

15 Cliff Street

LBC says:
-It’s cozy inside, but don’t let that scare you off from bringing a stroller or checking it out. There’s plenty of outside seating, so you can enjoy your coffee and food outside with or without your kids. They also could not be more accommodating and kind when it comes to bringing your stroller inside to eat.

-The line forms out the door pretty quickly for to-go, but don’t be deterred as it moves just as fast. The price to pay for being popular! 

-Anything with an avocado on it is the way to go. Don’t sleep on the incredible bowl options, either (the breakfast bowl has been on our current rotation). We've tried to ignore the lure of the homemade Tim Tams, but they're the perfect treat to cap off a meal or take with you for later.

-No reservations, but it is a great spot for a breakfast meeting or happy hour meetup.

A breakfast bowl worth waking up for

A breakfast bowl worth waking up for

The smashed avocado of our dreams

The smashed avocado of our dreams

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