LOCAL PROFILES: Paul Ruggeri - Paul Ruggeri Gymnastics (8.15.18)

LOCAL PROFILES: Paul Ruggeri - Paul Ruggeri Gymnastics (8.15.18)

Tribeca has a new professional athlete in the neighborhood! Paul Ruggeri, Founder & Owner of the new Paul Ruggeri Gymnastics, is former Team USA Gymnast and New York native. His elite career highlighted 1 World Championship bronze medal, 9 World Cup medals and 5 Pan American Games medals. Collegiately, he was the recipient of the Nissen-Emery Award (Gymnastics equivalent of the Football Heisman Memorial Trophy) and garnered 5 NCAA Championship Titles. 

We spoke with him to learn more about Paul Ruggeri Gymnastics & what locals can expect...

What inspired you to open in Tribeca?


Gymnastics has brought much opportunity into my life, and I look forward to providing the same opportunity to New York City's youth. Gymnastics truly establishes superior physical and mental abilities that easily translate into success in any other physical or mental challenge. There is no better start to a child's development than gymnastics!

I have always dreamed of moving to New York City and doing what I love most. That being said, I needed to open up my business in a residential neighborhood and Tribeca was one of the three neighborhoods that we considered. 

What makes Paul Ruggeri Gymnastics unique?

Personally, I bring an international and professional level of gymnastics experience and knowledge that no other facility in New York City can compare to. 

What can locals expect when they visit Paul Ruggeri Gymnastics? 

A fun, colorful environment with a friendly front desk. 

What are the different offerings for kids and adults at Paul Ruggeri Gymnastics?

For children we offer Parent & Me, Pre - School, After School (5+), Ninja classes, and various open workouts. For adults we offer beginner through advanced tumbling classes, handstand classes, and gymnastics fitness classes. We also will be hosting birthday parties on the weekends, and other private clinics/corporate events exploring gymnastics, handstands, and flipping!

What's coming up for Paul Ruggeri Gymnastics this fall?

We are unrolling our very first semester of classes and we are looking forward to having all of those who took advantage of our grand opening offers!

What are your go-to spots in the neighborhood?

Personally, I love Think Coffee. 

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