EVENT: Dine Around Downtown is back May 22nd! (5.21.18)

EVENT: Dine Around Downtown is back May 22nd! (5.21.18)


It's almost here! Dine Around Downtown feels like the perfect Summer-ish kickoff to outdoor dining season. We spoke with Downtown Alliance on what you can expect from the event this year (including a sneak peek at the new Danny Meyer restaurant!), and they also gave us a sneak peek at this year's Get Low program (not sure what we're talking about? Get ready....the way you dine downtown is about to get a major upgrade...).

Tell us about Dine Around Downtown....

Dine Around Downtown is a free lunchtime food festival in Lower Manhattan that annually brings together more than 35 local restaurants and about 15,000 diners.  The Alliance has been hosting this event for about 20 years and the 2018 event will be on Tuesday, May 22 from 11am-3pm with restaurants offering small plates priced between $3-7.  

Onsite we'll also be running our "Post Your Plate" photo contest to give away a Lower Manhattan staycation at Conrad New York.  We ask that people post a photo from the event on Instagram using #DownIsWhatsUp.  The staycation includes a two-night weekend stay for two at Conrad New York, a $250 gift certificate toward dinner for two at the hotel's ATRIO Wine Bar & Restaurant, complimentary breakfast for two at ATRIO and two complimentary Prosecco Pops at the popular Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar.

What makes it so unique?


Dine Around was created as a community event to help raise awareness for local restaurants and bring people across the neighborhood together.  Because of this model, we've always been able to offer this as a free event where people could chose to purchase only what appealed to them rather than a flat entry fee.  

We're also one of the only weekday lunchtime food festivals.

What's new at Dine Around Downtown for 2018?

Two of the most anticipated participants this year are Danny Meyer's Manhatta and Bay Room.  Both restaurants are scheduled to open in 28 Liberty this June, and Dine Around will be the first chance for people to get to preview dishes from each.   

Additionally, other first-time participants will include Brushstroke, Blue Ribbon Bakery, Sprinkles Land and Underdog.

What can locals expect?

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Expect to find your new favorite lunch spot.
Dine Around is a great opportunity for workers and residents to get out in the community and bond over food.  From neighborhood staples to the the newest restaurants in Lower Manhattan its a great one stop shop to check out what's going on in the local food scene.

What else is coming up this summer for Downtown Alliance? What's up with our favorite Get Low program??

Just as Dine Around wraps, the Alliance will be kicking off Get Low, which will create weekly Downtown dining deals all Summer long.  The concept this year is really simple - 20 percent off dinner for two, every Tuesday somewhere new... meaning every Tuesday after4pm, 1-2 Lower Manhattan restaurants will be offering 20 percent discounts.   It certainly calls for making a date with Lower Manhattan every Tuesday.  More info on Get Low will be available after May 15 at www.downtownny.com/getlow

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