OPENINGS: Pastagram (10.29.18)

OPENINGS: Pastagram (10.29.18)

For those who really like to ‘eat for the Instagram’, you’re in luck. Financial District is now home to Pastagram, brought to you by the crew from SoHo’s Sola Pasta Bar. With a name like Pastagram, we had tp speak with Luidi Porceddu, Managing Partner, to learn more…

Tell us about The Pastagram...

The Pastagram, a trendy Instagram-friendly downtown spot signed by SoHo’s Sola Pasta Bar. The idea behind The Pastagram is offering America’s favorite pasta recipes without sacrificing quality and attention to detail. To do so, the trendy spot will offer high-quality handmade pasta cooked in traditionally Italian-American combinations like Alfredo Sauce, Vodka Sauce, Spaghetti Meatball –just to mention few. In addition to these, the Pastagram will offer clients’ favorites such as Cacio e Pepe and Bolognese.

At The Pastagram, customers’ imagination is the limit. Complete freedom of personalization will be offered, and each dish will have the option to be complemented with additional protein and veggie choices, such as chicken, mushrooms, broccoli, and fan-favorite avocados. All the pasta served is handmade daily on the spot, as to ensure the best quality - yet at more affordable prices. The Pastagram, located in the Financial District at 241 Pearl Street, will serve pasta dishes in a trendy teal blue décor setting as to engage not only customers’ taste buds but social media creativity and posting. Every single detail is thought of as to be the most photogenic as possible, catering to a customer base that –today more than ever- seems to give aesthetics as much importance as food quality.

What a unique name. How did you come up with it?

To be honest me and my partner Andrea had another name in mind, but Andrea's younger brother Marc (only 19) came up with the name. We loved it for two reason it sound like IG where everyone nowadays spend most of their time, it stick into your mind and if you r break down the word PASTA and GRAM, gram is the unit of measure we use to weigh our pastas. To be exactly 150Grams.

What makes The Pastagram so unique?

The uniqueness is serving home made pasta completely customizable. With 3 easy steps people can create their own pasta dish. We do offer at the moment 8 different shapes of pasta , 8 different sauces and 6 different protein/veggie. As far as now the top selling pasta shapes are Rigatoni and Fettuccini, for the sauces Ragu and Vodka and the extras Chicken and Broccoli. The ambiance it's self it's very pop-art and inspiring for IG food lovers.

What should locals know about The Pastagram?

Locals should know that how pasta is homemade, that Pastagram it's fun place to have pasta with your friend or your kids, that we run special promotion every week (so they should follow us on our IG account, thepastagram.usa ) and also that we are offering an amazing delivery service where our goal is to deliver in 30min or less.

What's coming up for The Pastagram this fall?

We have the incredible SOLA chef's team behind Pastagram that are already thinking of introducing fall flavors like pumpkin, porcini mushrooms . beets roots and more. 

What are your favorite dishes on the menu?

My favorite dish on the menu is the Fusilloni with Ragu' Bolognese and sprinkle of Parmesan Cheese.

What inspired you to open in FiDi?

FIDI it's always been a "competitive" area to open because of the numerous numbers of great restaurant around but we feel that offering something new and unique in this area will be a key of success.

EVENTS: Canstruction - November 2nd through November 15th (10.31.18)

EVENTS: Canstruction - November 2nd through November 15th (10.31.18)

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