OPENINGS: Love, Henry (1.30.19)

OPENINGS: Love, Henry (1.30.19)

Whenever a new shop opens below Canal Street, we’ve got to check it out, especially when said shop is run by locals! We spoke with co-owner Kristina Rinaldi (Interior Designer and Buyer), who, with Cass Lilien (Jewelry Designer) and Catherine Fenton Bernath (Artist and Maker), own and run Love, Henry to learn more about their gallery/shop hybrid concept…


What inspired you to open Love, Henry below Canal Street? 

Co-owner Catherine Bernath, was using the space as her studio when new neighbor Tokyo retailer ‘have a good time’ moved in next door. She thought the time might be right to reimagine the space as something more. Henry Street already had a few great galleries so her thought was to try for something different. I am an interior designer and Cass Lilien is a jeweler maker, she approached us and combined we envisioned somewhere where retail, gallery and making might coexist. We are about community and we Love, Henry!

What makes Love, Henry so unique? 

We have an assortment of beautifully curated merchandise from around the globe in a wide range of prices; many of which are are household items that we hope will enhance your everyday activities. We are thoughtful with the vendors we carry, targeting communities and makers engaged with change. We have a gallery wall where we will be rotating art from emerging artists every month, activating the shop in fresh ways due to this new work alone.  We intend on having guest speakers, artists, influencers on a variety of topics or offering just a fun class to promote a neighborhood ‘drop in’ feel. We were very excited to launch with our first “maker” class this past week on macrame led by Cass Lilien. February 1st, we are happy to welcome artist Seungkyung Oh to our gallery wall. 

What can locals expect when they visit Love, Henry? 

We have a warm and inviting space that is completely unique with a wide selection of items that is very well thought out.  It feels authentic to the area and has pops of lively colors.  It is lovely space to visit. 

What are some of your favorite things being carried right now in the shop? 

There are so many items we absolutely love but I will try and narrow it down!  We have hanging Mexican baskets that can be used for a variety purposes; beautiful art objects (aka brooms) made by a sculpture artist Erin Rouse; clean, all natural beauty products which include Bathing Culture Body wash, Fine deodorant from Berlin, Almy face balm from rural England (both only available here :) and local fav Marble & Milkweed lip tints to name just a few!

Our cotton socks are incredible from Amsterdam and jewelry from Cass can be specified to your liking - her passion is to make something custom designed for you or the one you love. I have to say even our little household cleaning cloths from Sweden make us smile. We have a wonderful Brightland olive oil and  Sqirl Jam from California which have both been huge hits. There really is such a wide variety, you just have to visit.

What's coming up this year for the shop? 

We are talking to the art teacher at the local elementary school (P.S 2) across the street from us and hope to exhibit the kids works on our wall in the Spring. We also would love to have Mike, the herbalist two doors down from us, come in and educate us on the benefits and use of ginseng for example. We want our neighbors  coming in our door and helping us build Love, Henry. We have so many ideas! Our instagram @lovehenrynyc will keep customers up to date on events and new merchandise. 

What are your go-to places downtown? 

In the immediate area we love Dimes cafe for the broccoli rabe lemon preserve sandwich, Cafe Petisco for cozy faire and Beverly’s always supplies a laid back feel for that much needed after work drink.

 What is your address & hours? 

105 Henry Street Tuesday through Saturday  12-7PM, Sunday 12-5PM (for winter).  We will most likely stay open a little later as the season changes.

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