EVENTS: It's almost here...Taste of Tribeca (with interview!) 5.6.17

EVENTS: It's almost here...Taste of Tribeca (with interview!) 5.6.17

Everyone has their annual events to look forward to. For some, it’s the first time you can climb aboard the deck of Grand Banks or enjoy a drink outside at Pier A. For others, it’s that first long run of the Spring season on the West Side Highway or the first snowfall on the Battery Park promenade. 

For us, it’s Taste of Tribeca, the annual culinary festival that benefits  arts and enrichment programs Tribeca’s very own local public schools PS 150 and PS 234. No joke. If it doesn’t involve food, wine and/or fitness (or ideally a combo of all of them), we’re usually not all that interested. True story. Top that off with being able to support a good cause? We’re in.

Featuring over 65 of Tribeca’s finest restaurants, bars, wine shops, and more, this year’s features a Kids’ and Sports Zones for family-friendly activities, live entertainment from City Winery, and a self-guided wine, beer & cider tour, letting you check out offerings from some of Tribeca’s best shops and bars.

A testament to the power of Tribeca and of supporting local, some of the event participants have been involved since Taste of Tribeca’s first year in 1994, including Bubby’s Tribeca, The Odeon, Walker’s, and Gigino Trattoria.

We spoke with Bettina Teodoro, PS 150 Co-Chair of the event, who has lived below Canal Street for 8 years

What can you tell us about Taste of Tribeca?

Taste of Tribeca was founded in 1994 by a group of PS 150 parents in response to cuts to the school’s art budget. This was Tribeca, PS 150 had always been an arts-focused school, and this was unthinkable. At the time the neighborhood was growing into a restaurant destination, so the group came up with the idea of restaurants offering tastings to market themselves and raise money for the school. The first Taste of Tribeca was held on the shipping dock of the Bazzini building, where Sarabeth’s is located now.

As Taste of Tribeca evolved, we joined with the parents at PS 234 and the festival eventually moved to its present location on Duane and Greenwich. 23 years later, it is now a world-class event, run entirely by parents and with the support of our schools and the entire community.

Why is Taste of Tribeca so important to the community?

Our schools’ budgets cover the fundamentals, and what we raise at Taste of Tribeca helps to pay for enrichment programs for our combined 800 students. These include lessons in visual art, instrumental music, dance, and chess; technological equipment; professional development for our teachers; and visits from celebrated authors and to NYC’s great museums.

How did you get involved in Taste of Tribeca?

This is my fourth year with Taste of Tribeca. I joined when my eldest entered Kindergarten. I had a newborn that year and so I worked on a small committee putting together thank you packages for our restaurants and sponsors.

How has living below Canal Street impacted you and your role in the event?

I have lived Uptown, in Midtown and Downtown, and Downtown is where we have become a family and feel at home. As for Taste of Tribeca, it has always been a below-Canal St. event!

What are your favorite local spots?

We love so many of our neighborhood spots. The Odeon, Edwards, Khe-Yo and Takahachi are just some of our favorites. We buy our bread at Takahachi Bakery and Arcade, our wine at Chambers Street Wines. We want our neighborhood businesses to do well and while I admit to having relied too heavily on Amazon and other online retailers in the past, I am trying to curb that and shop locally now. I have been to King’s Pharmacy three times this week. They are very nice there.

What is your favorite thing about living below Canal Street?

The easy answer is that I’m casual and am almost always wearing sneakers — and if I wanted to, I could have a very nice lunch without feeling I had to change into real shoes. But really, these are the streets we walk and the places we visit day after day. They are safe and (relatively) clean and we see our friends at school, in the park, at ball games, and at Whole Foods, and so that cumulative effect is special. Taste of Tribeca is a part of that. We have over 80 restaurants and local businesses giving a day to help our kids and that is extremely heartwarming. 

Don’t forget to get your tickets!

Taste Of Tribeca:

11:30AM-3PM (rain or shine!)

Duane Street between Greenwich Street & Hudson Street

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