EVENT - Tribeca Art+Culture Night - 7th Edition! (3.12.18)

EVENT - Tribeca Art+Culture Night - 7th Edition! (3.12.18)


If you've never been, this week is the 7th edition of one of our favorite local events: Tribeca Art+Culture Night. Wednesday, March 14th, you can explore the Tribeca art scene to see and learn about art from 100+ artists and creators at 8 exclusive events. We're written about TAC Night before, but we spoke with Jennifer Olivia Famery-Mariani, founder of Tribeca Art Night, to learn what makes this edition the best one yet...


Tell us about Tribeca Art+Culture Night...

Tribeca Art+Culture Night is a downtown arts festival that celebrates culture art large. It now counts over 40 featured/participating venues - fine art, design and university galleries, as well as art non-profits, museums and studios. Four times a year, TAC Night brings the greater New York City community together and Tribeca Residents around a brand new program of exhibitions, tours, talks, performances and workshops – all crafted to stimulate ideas and imagination. 

This edition sounds bigger and better than ever! 

Yes, we are really excited to kick off TAC Night's 2018 Season with our 7th edition on March 14, featuring more than 100 artists and creatives, and 8 exclusive events. 

It's the biggest and most diverse number of artists exhibited so far in TAC Night with 15 different nationalities represented and over 200 artworks to discover. The program will take place across 25 lower Manhattan venues -including 5 brand new spaces! Full list available on our website.

What should locals expect?

Diversity and exploration define the festival, connecting the public with an incredible variety of organizations and creative expressions in intimate and interactive settings. TAC Night an experience! It's a neighborhood adventure - locals will discover venues they did not know existed, explore the off beaten path Tribeca art scene, meet fellow residents, and see Tribeca in a new light!

Highlights for this edition are a private walkthrough of Michel Parmentier’s first US solo show (Ortuzar Projects), a paper cutting demonstration with artist Xin Song,

(Pearl River), a Forensic Sculpture exhibition (New York Academy of Art), a swing dance class with professional ballroom dancers, 100 breath drawings by Melissa McGill, interactive installations at Postmasters, a puppeteer workshop (The Flea Theater), a perfume making demonstration with Sue Phillips, underground fashion photography at Hal Bromm, and so much more...

How can someone get a ticket?
You can get a TAC night pass or register for tours and exclusive events through website at www.tribecaartnight.com

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What are you most looking forward to?
I cannot wait to get feedback from attendees on this edition. I am very excited about the content and events on the program!

Who are the artists to really watch?

It's so hard to pick any particular artists with so many outstanding and unique shows! In fact, 3 artists/creatives featured in our upcoming edition have been written up by the New York Times just in the last 2 weeks.

We have an incredible selection of group shows (Art Projects International, 205 Hudson, apexart, Shirley Fiterman Center, Hercules Art to name only a few....) and several photo exhibitions (Hal Bromm, Soho Photo and Alexander and Bonin). Attendees interested in learning more about Chinese Art+ Culture can meet artist Xin Song at Pearl River, check out the temporary exhibition at Think!Chinatown and watch Ling Tang perform traditional Chinese dance. Must sees are also Bortolami Gallery's Richard Aldrich's show and Postmaster's and HPGRP's interactive installations!


FOOD & DRINK: The Bennet (3.14.18)

FOOD & DRINK: The Bennet (3.14.18)

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