OPENINGS: Rumble Boxing (4.15.19)

OPENINGS: Rumble Boxing (4.15.19)

Sometimes we get a bit of FOMO when it comes to incredible businesses above Canal Street. Lucky for us, more and more of them are making the move downtown. Our latest favorite? Rumble Boxing, an intense boxing-inspired group fitness class coming to 140 West Street at the end of this year. 

We spoke with Noah Neiman, Co-Founder, and Andrew Stenzler, CEO and Co-Founder, to learn more about what you can expect when Rumble opens its doors. Stay tuned for their opening date!

Co-Founder Noah ( Credit: c/o Rumble Boxing)

Co-Founder Noah (Credit: c/o Rumble Boxing)

Tell us about Rumble... 

Andrew: Rumble is 10 ROUNDS OF FIRE THAT YOU CAN MAKE AS CHALLENGING AS YOU LIKE. Rumble is here for the people, who put in work and want to have some fun in the process...whether you are searching for a strong body, lean legs, toned abs, a mean uppercut, or to find your confidence.   

Rumble is founded by four entrepreneurs who saw an opening in the group fitness world to shake up stale norms. From their unique backgrounds—hospitality, service, and fitness education—and their shared urban-chic-meets-street POV, comes Rumble—the next generation of group fitness. One that doesn't take itself too seriously, but still delivers an incredible and effective workout.

What makes Rumble so unique?

Noah: Rumble must be experienced to truly be appreciated. I’m worried typing out the schematics of a class won’t do it justice!! But here we go…. We have huge 2,200 square foot studios that house 30 benches where you complete strength circuits, and on the other side of the room we have 30 180lb water filled bags where you work on throwing traditional boxing combinations. The strength training workouts and boxing workouts are all projected right in front of you so you know what’s going on every step of the way.

The instructor starts out on the main stage in front of both groups and can really create a ‘Kanye at The Staples Center’ experience from up there. The instructor simultaneously controls the music and lights from the podium, jumps on and off stage into the crowd to make sure everyone is staying honest with the workout, while providing those moments of personal interaction surrounded by the energy of 60 people. After a communal warmup, half the class is spent boxing and the other half is spent working the strength and conditioning circuits on the floor side.

There's an incredible amount of stimulation and movement throughout the class, so even the most easily bored consumer will still find themselves grinning ear-to-ear as they throw their fists against the water bag in our custom-branded Rumble Boxing gloves….All while listening to a custom edited version of Lil Wayne’s UPROAR or DMX’s Party UP or even a throwback BLINK 182 track that fuels every single pulse-pounding, endorphin-dumping moment.  

What’s the philosophy behind Rumble?

philosophy is, if you have fun you’re going to stay consistent. If you stay consistent, you are going to get the results. We knew coupling boxing with strength training was an incredibly EFFECTIVE workout, but so what!?!? So is carrying a 80lb backpack up and down the West Side Highway or up Runyon Canyon…or Griffith Park if you fancy a Los Feliz trip like I do. Fun is the common denominator that makes any experience worth returning. It has to make you FEEL something. You should look forward to your workout, you should be in a space that makes you want to work harder than you would by yourself.  

What body parts does Rumble work?
EVERYTHING! (Insert clap emoji) Boxing is a full body workout that helps generate that athletic, lean and desirable physique. So are our strength training and conditioning circuits utilizing body weight calisthenics and weighted exercises. 

The formula is meant to be that one stop shop for all your fitness needs. Look at fighters; some of the leanest and most athletic people on the planet. So even if you are never going to step in an actual ring….Training like that is still going to yield those incredible results….Life is a fight anyway, and how you train is how you fight, and how you fight is how you live your life!!!! Ding Ding!!! (insert Sylvester Stallone as Rocky voice here)

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