LOCAL PROFILES: Svitlana Gliebova and Artur Sveshnikov - Fred Astaire Dance Studio (2.26.18)

LOCAL PROFILES: Svitlana Gliebova and Artur Sveshnikov - Fred Astaire Dance Studio (2.26.18)

Whether you're getting ready for a major event like a wedding or your simply want to learn a new skill, taking dance lessons is a great way to meet new people, learn a new skill and have a lot of fun.


We spoke to Svitlana Gliebova and Artur Sveshnikov, owners of the new downtown Fred Astaire Dance Studio, to learn more about why they brought the art of dance below Canal Street...

Tell us about Fred Astaire Dance Studios...

Fred Astaire Dance Studios are an international franchise with over over 200 Studio worldwide. Since 1947, when the first Studio opened right here in NYC, we have been specializing in taking someone with no dance background and making them into a confident and comfortable dancer. 

What inspired you to open downtown?

We fell in love with this area since we first moved to NYC 6 years ago. It has the most unique vibe, friendliest atmosphere and most awesome people. It’s really an honor for us to be a part of the neighborhood!

What’s unique about your studio?

Even though Fred Astaire is a big franchise each studio is independently owned and  operated. Ours features owners and teachers who are a Ukrainian couples who have been in USA less than a decade and who strive to enrich life and build a second home for everyone who comes to the studio.

How has the neighborhood impacted the studio?

Starting from the very first day we have been able to create wonderful partnerships and meet a lot of great people who have been nothing but helpful with spreading the word. We are only starting our Tribeca journey but already feel like it’s our second home with a lot of good friends and a sense of community.

What should locals know about the studio?

Our dance lessons are for people of all ages, all levels and all aspirations. We teach all most popular dances including Salsa, Tango, Swing, Waltz, Cha-Cha and many more. We teach by unique Fred Astaire Method that combines private lessons, group classes and in studio practice parties, where you can work on your moves in warm and comfortable atmosphere while enjoying a glass of wine. The studio is open 7 days a week.

What’s coming up for the studio?

2018 is a very special year for us! Aside from over 20 National and International Competitions that our Students and Teachers will attend in USA, Canada, Argentina, Netherlands, Great Britain and UK, we are going to have a lot of fun events right here in Downtown NYC! In March and July we are going to be a part of TAC (Tribeca Art and Culture Night), on April 7th we will have our Grand Opening with live music and lot’s performances and the highlight  of the year will be our Studio showcase on one of New York City’s most famous stages. 

What are your favorite local spots?

Real Pilates, The Wat, Quick Cryo, Lovely Bride and Laughing Man Coffee.


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