OPENINGS & CLOSINGS: Bodies by Pilates (10.16.17)


We love when new fitness studios open in the neighborhood; it’s a great opportunity to try something different and find a new way to challenge your body. When we heard about Bodies by Pilates, we couldn’t wait to talk with owner and teacher Deborah Lemon to learn more about the methods they focus on….

Congratulations and welcome to FiDI! Tell us about the studio…

Bodies by Pilates offers the highest quality pilates and barre classes. It’s the home of The Lemon Method. We are a the first Peak Pilates Education Center in NYC.  

What is unique about the FiDi studio?  

The location is convenient for residents, commuters, and tourists. The full schedule of classes and availability for private sessions accommodate everyone’s busy lifestyle. We provide every aspect of fitness that appeals to male and females looking for strength, flexibility, and cardio. The uniqueness is the experience of Deb Lemon as a personal trainer, a fitness model, and a classically trained teacher and Master Instructor for Peak Pilates. Deb created The Lemon Method based on her favorite way of training, which includes meditation, HIIT, and pilates for the most efficient and results driven workout.

What should locals know about Bodies by Pilates?  

We are open with a full schedule 7 days a week and have discounted packages to get started. You’ll receive even more attention in every class over the next few weeks. In addition, if you are looking for private sessions, we are starting to build reservations quickly.  

What inspired you to open a studio in FiDi?  

My inspiration to open a studio in FiDi was to provide my own community with the highest quality, most professional classes without needing to leave the neighborhood.  

What is your favorite aspect of the neighborhood?

I love that so many people are already committed to being involved in physical activity. The enthusiasm everyone has when they come into the studio is so exciting for me. I especially love walking the streets and running into people that are already doing classes with us. It really feels like a home to me now and I’ve only been here for 3 months.



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