LOCAL PROFILES: John Hoekman of QuickCryo (2.7.18)

LOCAL PROFILES: John Hoekman of QuickCryo (2.7.18)


Cryotherapy has taken over as the new go-to treatment for everything from workout recovery to helping with inflammatory diseases to keeping your skin looking young and full of elasticity. We've been really excited about the studios opening below Canal Street, and learning more about the offerings for locals looking to lead healthier lives. When John Hoekman, Founder/CEO of QuickCryo, told us he's focused on helping "live happier, healthier lives through cold therapy," we knew we had to learn more...

Tell us about cryotherapy and QuickCryo...
Cryotherapy was developed in the 70’s to treat deeply debilitating inflammatory based disease such as Multiple Sclerosis and Rheumatoid Arthritis, and popularized more recently by professional athletes using this efficient new technology in favor of taking long ice baths to radically accelerate recovery times and enhance performance.  

By exposing the skin to extremely low temperatures in a 3-minute session, the brain and body react in uniquely beneficial ways as a result of Cold Thermogenesis.  Even slight to moderate shivering boosts metabolism, burns serious calories (500-800 typical), and sets off a domino effect physiological responses that sucks the pain and inflammation out of your body while ramping your dopamine and endorphins.  The bottom line is that you just feel better physically and mentally, and the number one reported benefit is better sleep.

We also offer Normatec compression which acts as a lymphatic drainage solution addressing cellulite, varicose veins and lactic acid buildup; and Cryo-Facials (I like to call Frotox) which in 7 minutes reduces signs of aging by decreasing inflammation, evening the skin tone, tightening pores, inducing cell rejuvenation, all leaving you looking refreshed and ready to rock!

We start your visit with refreshing aromatherapy at our oxygen bar, in order to amplify your cryo experience, recharge your batteries, and leave feeling like a new, better, optimized you.

What inspired you to open QuickCryo in Tribeca?

Having moved to New York City in 1993 and spent the majority of my time between NoHo and FiDi, I am a huge fan of downtown.  I wanted to be in lower manhattan, and Tribeca provides the perfect balance of young professionals, families, and middle-aged baby boomers who are looking for non-medical, anti-aging, wellness solutions to address their aches, pains, and weight loss goals.  The are provides and eclectic mix of home-grown restaurants, retail shops, and fitness venues and we have just been delighted with the reception we have received from this friendly community.

What is unique about QuickCryo?

After trying as  many other cryotherapy places I could find in New York, LA and elsewhere, I found that while I became addicted to the effects of cryo, the experience in general was just “meh”.  My idea was to take the concept to the next level, and provide a very high-end, luxury environment with superior service not unlike what one might expect at the Four Seasons Hotels.  When you walk into our location on Church and Franklin, you will immediately feel that you have stepped into another dimension, and understand that we achieved our goal of building possibly the most luxurious cryo studio anywhere.

What should locals know about QuickCryo?

Cryotherapy is not scary!  It is just three minutes standing up in a dry chamber with your head sticking out the top, and you wear shorts, UGGs boots, and mittens.  While the thought of subjecting yourself to sub -250 degree temperatures may seem intimidating, anyone who has tried it will tell you that it is just not as bad as they had anticipated prior to trying it.  Our staff is highly trained and articulate, and stay with you every step of the way, providing a welcome distraction with both ongoing dialog and cranking up the song of your choice keep your body moving while administering the quick session.

What's coming up for QuickCryo in 2018?

As a business that is focused on providing the community with non-invasive wellness solutions centered around helping people feel and look their best, we anticipate launching a handful of additional services to amplify and compliment the existing suite of Cryotherapy, Compression and Oxygen…stay tuned!


What are your favorite local spots in the neighborhood?

The Roxy, Lyons Den, Two Hands, Baked, Aqua Studio, Walkers, Cafe Clementine, Tiny’s, Aire Baths, Distilled, Tutto il Giorno…too many to mention them all!!


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