EVENTS: dOGUMENTA (August 11th - 13th) (8.3.17)

EVENTS: dOGUMENTA (August 11th - 13th) (8.3.17)


If you’re like us, your furry friends are more family than actual pets (and may rank higher than some of your current family members). Sounds familiar? If so, you’ll be as excited as we are about dOGUMENTA, America’s 1st art exhibit for dogs, coming to Brookfield Place this August 11th through the 13th. Presented by Arts Brookfield, the exhibition is the first in the United States to ask artists to address “the canine community’s concerns, interests and worldview,” resulting in artwork “catering to a four-legged sensibility.” Featuring media that engages two and four-legged visitors’ sense of smell, touch, taste, and more, the exhibit  is commissioning 10 new artworks by established and emerging New York City artists, making it quite exciting and fresh.

We spoke to art critic Jessica Dawson, who was inspired to create dOGUMENTA thanks to her dog, about the exhibit and her inspiration for bringing it downtown...

What inspired this exhibition?

The project was inspired by my gallery visits with my rescue dog Rocky, whose insights inspired the Dogumenta manifesto "5 Things My Dog Taught Me About Art." I delivered the manifesto at a gallery in Brooklyn last year. I felt that it was time for canines to have an art show all their own. Check it out here.

Why bring the exhibit to downtown New York?

New York is the center of the art world and we couldn't imagine a better place to inaugurate dOGUMENTA.

What's your favorite part of the exhibit?

We look forward to learning from the show -- will hounds react differently than terriers? Dachshunds versus Dobermans? Each artwork addresses 4-legged viewers differently so the whole show is an experiment for the curators and the artists. We are already learning so much from Rocky, our curatorial canine, and we will learn so much more when the show opens on August 11.

What's your favorite part about downtown New York?

We love a downtown pup's cool sensibility. Their humans are really diverse and interesting, too!

What are you hoping visitors take from the experience?

dOGUMENTA offers both the chance for humans to get to know their canine friends better and also the opportunity to approach art differently themselves. Attendees will gain new insights into their companion's personality and character. It's an opportunity for bonding and learning -- for everyone.



August 11th - August 13th

8AM-1PM & 4PM-8PM

Brookfield Place New York

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