OPENINGS & CLOSINGS - Seaport District N.Y.C. (with BIG news today!) 5.24.17

OPENINGS & CLOSINGS - Seaport District N.Y.C. (with BIG news today!) 5.24.17

Clinton Hall 

Clinton Hall 

As you may have seen in the press recently, there are a lot of changes going on at South Street Seaport, recently rebranded as Seaport District N.Y.C.


A few highlights:

-Seaport Food Lab - From June 19 through October 14 it will feature some of the hottest guest chefs from around the country showcasing the dishes and styles of cooking that made them famous

-Garden Bar – An outdoor bar for all ages

-Clinton Hall – The Seaport offshoot of the popular FiDi beer garden

-Front Row Food Market – A selection of food trucks

-Mr. Cannon Speakeasy – A hidden speakeasy


We spoke with the Branding & Marketing Team for The Lure Group, the driving force behind all of the great dining and drinking options, for the inside track of what’s going on at Seaport District N.Y.C.


Garden Bar

The biggest updates? The Garden Bar opens TODAY!!! Coinciding with the WantedDesign store finale, the bar is open to the public, so check it out!


Clinton Hall

Clinton Hall opens this Friday, so plan your Happy Hours accordingly. They’re both first-come-first-entertained, as well as family friendly, making them both great warm weather (or, really, all weather) options. There are also rumors about the celebrity chefs from the Food Lab potentially collaborating on Clinton Hall burgers, adding to the roster of their famous ‘Burger Of The Week’ offering.


Seaport Food Lab

Some of the tickets are on sale now for the limited seating, so grab yours on RESY before they sell out! Current tickets are for:

#1 - Paul Kahan + Cosmo Goss + Erling Wu-Bower – June 20th – July 2nd

#2 - Hugh Acheson – July 9th – July 21st


Mr. Cannon Speakeasy

The speakeasy opens on June 16th, but don’t think that it will be easy to get in. There’s no way to make reservations, and they will actually be dropping little clues over the coming weeks for you to decipher to not only find it, but also figure out how to access it.


We couldn’t be more excited for these new additions to the neighborhood. Don’t forget to let us know what you think when you check them out!



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