OPENINGS: The Wonder (7.29.19)

OPENINGS: The Wonder (7.29.19)

When it’s melting hot or freezing cold, it can be hard to get creative when it comes to activities and places to play for the family. Thanks to The Wonder, Tribeca’s new family space designed to spark imagination and curiousity, families have a go-to place for wonder and creativity all year long. We spoke with Sarah Robinson, Founder & CEO of The Wonder, to learn more…

Tell us about The Wonder…

The Wonder is a groundbreaking new concept and space, unlike any other, for families who crave community, culture, and creativity. Our first location - Tribeca - is a place where Millennial parents and their children gather to feel inspired, delighted and a sense of community.

What makes The Wonder so unique?

We are first and foremost a place for family recreation and socializing. The space needs fill a really wide range of needs for families, so we created a design that offers dedicated areas for everything from feeding your baby, to art classes and family board game nights. Some of the key areas are: the set-designed playspace which is currently themed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, our book nook with a library curated by The Reading Ninja, a serene and quiet nursery, and the family lounge with two oversized serpentine couches. 

What inspired you to open The Wonder in Tribeca?

When I had my son Henry I quickly found I found that if we wanted to go out together we had to choose something for kids or something for grownups. There was nothing for both of us. It was either a kids class with no place for parents to sit or a restaurant where he was immediately bored and I wolfed down my food to get out as fast as possible. There was no space we could go as a family and truly feel engaged and at ease. It was in one of those kids classes that I first had the idea for The Wonder. We chose Tribeca specifically since it’s such a vibrant, family friendly neighborhood.

What are your favorite parts of The Wonder?

My favorite aspect is seeing how dynamic the space is, and how it really changes every day based on how our members are utilizing all the different areas. It’s incredible to see how involved our families get in the classes and events - everything from lightsaber battles to a kid-led BeyBlades workshop and booze & board games family nights.

What is coming up for The Wonder this summer?

This summer, we’ll be celebrating Harry Potter’s birthday in a big way.

We’re also hosting Space Week that will end with a celebration of the anniversary of the Moon landing. We’ll be making space crafts, watching E.T. for family movie night, and serving up moon pies.

How does a family join The Wonder?

You just apply online at We wanted the process to be super simple. 

What are your go to local spots?

Smith Hotel in Tribeca- I love their lobby for holding morning meetings, a burger and martini at Raouls never fails to make me happy.

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