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About the Author: 

Life Below Canal was born out of passion for all things downtown New York. Living in what we've affectionately called 'TriBaFi' for over 10 years, our nights and weekends have been spent exploring the neighborhood, checking out the latest restaurant openings, art installations, live events, and everything else downtown New York City has to offer. After years of being to go-to person within our friend groups for sharing information on downtown happenings (and woo-ing our friends to move downtown), we wanted to create a community to share our findings and help connect neighbors of all ages, life stages and interests.

Life Below Canal is the result of being passionate about this neighborhood, and wanting to connect with others to share our findings and to meet other locals.

Whether it's meeting up for a run on the West Side Highway or checking out the latest restaurant openings, we look forward to getting to know everyone else living life below Canal.

Whitney has been living below Canal Street since 2006, accumulating a dog, husband and son along the way. When not guiding multinational clients on how to leverage emerging technology in their marketing strategies, Whitney can be found running on the West Side Highway or finding the latest sushi and/or coffee bar.